This Little Girl


Went to school yesterday and she cried, cried, cried. So I couldn’t get any before school pictures because she was already refusing school the minute she woke up.

BUT, school went well for her. Yes she screamed the loudest before I left and yes she was air kicking and clawing once the teacher pulled her away from me (probably more like peeled off me) but after a few minutes, she calmed down and after a few more, she was doing all sorts of fun activities – painting being the highlight. Most of the mums said that Jovie was fine when they dropped their children off. So yes, despite the dropping off issue, I was quite pleased with Jovie’s behaviour.

She was happily and nicely sitting on the carpet when I came to pick her up and all the way home she told me about her fun day. At home, she willingly posed for me and so these are her first day of school pictures:


Uhm, yes, that’s how my girl poses for pictures.


Snack?!?! Uhm, no, Max. That’s just Jovie posing. Sorry, buddy!


And another pose.


A special treat. Chocolate buttons. She’s cherishing it more I think because the day before she was punished for not cleaning after she played with her toys: No chocolates, no ice cream, no cookies, no anything nice.

2 thoughts on “This Little Girl

  1. Stopped over because I loved your WMSC card with the pine branch and became captivated by the photos of your little dear. So gorgeous – you are a beautiful photographer and captured her personality brilliantly. These will be treasured forever – gosh I wish I took more when mine were little! Simply stunning!

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