Last Day of Summer


I never thought I’d say this but, I am going to miss the girls when they start school tomorrow! Emma will be in year 4, or 3rd grade, and Jovie in pre-school. We had so much fun going places, swimming and gymnastics (well M at gym and Jovie and I either at soft play or a coffee shop) that each day whizzed by without a pause.

During the summer a few goals were achieved. M’s goals were gym related and she got all of them accomplished. My goal was to go through some old stuff and even though I did go through them, most are still stacked in the garage or in the spare room. Hopefully the next few weekends we will be selling a few things at a car boot sale — yard sales aren’t common here, instead, folks will sell things at a field from the trunk (or boot as the Brits call it) of their cars. Jovie… well, she achieved the goal of suckering me to let her watch something on TV almost everyday.

Very fun and memorable time for us and while reluctant to not hang out together every day, I am ready for this school year! I have a lot of goals and plans for the girls and I am looking forward to see how much we can learn together in the next few months.


PS: The girls were checking out a slug and later saving it by moving the little guy to a quiet field.

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