Not Sure Which Is Worse


Being the mom of a good gymnast and hoping that her daughter sticks all her moves so that she can get one of the medals or the mom of the girl who just learned her moves and wishing that her daughter can just complete the competition without tears.

I was that later mom today and I think I quit breathing each time M did her routine. Even though we knew that Emma had a minuscule chance of winning a medal (note: she’s not a lazy gymnast, she’s new to “real” gymnastics and still playing catch up still with girls her age), we knew that M wanted to finish the competition well, which in her case: Stick her big jumps on the floor and beam, make it over the vault, and not fall backwards on the bars.

So I watched and oh so hesitant to capture her moment since I was terrified of making her nervous.

I think the other moms knew I was anxious and I got a chuckle out of them when a few said, “Ok, you can breath now.”

It’s just difficult to be casual about the whole thing. Despite knowing that M going was purely for the experience, I wanted her to do well. Not for me, but for her. I noticed how shattered she was after her vault. She did her second vault great but the first was a complete fail. I don’t know if she knew that only the best was taken into consideration for scoring purposes but I could see that she was holding back tears. She did bounce back. She has fabulous gym friends you see. And she finished the competition with not too bad of a total score.

There was no medal but I hope from the experience she learned how strong she was. Yes she made a couple mistakes but after each one she managed to get back up and finish. She also learned to be a good loser. She congratulated her gym mates and thanked her coaches.

I know there will be a few more competitions for her. Her next one is in April and she’s confident about that one. And she has a whole year to try this competition again next year!


7 thoughts on “Not Sure Which Is Worse

  1. What a great learning moment for M… I’m sure she’ll never forever it, or that you were right there for her through it all. 🙂 I’m glad to hear she did well… Keep up the hard work M!
    Great card, Savitri!

  2. so sweet, I think the not so good moments, even for a learner is great, it grounds you, now that M realizes that at such a young age, kudos to her, for trying, for wanting to be better, it’s all great in my book! Shit, I dunn think I was like that at her age … lovely pic of M, goodness, she’s grown huh?


  3. Lovely sweet card. 🙂
    M is growing up so fast and I am so excited with her progress in gymnastics ( I love the event , never miss watching it when they go live n also diving )
    Love the pic of her… She is gorgeous

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