250 Miles is Far!

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Back in Missouri, we used to drive a 430 miles route in one day. We’d leave the house at 5 a.m., have breakfast at a Cracker Barrel outside of St. Louis (225 miles and 3.5 hrs later), then a lunch stop 2 hrs later at Sikeston (Lambert’s – the only restaurant that throws their rolls), and then Mississippi (just a few miles south of Memphis).

A few months ago we were planning a trip up north, to the Hadrian’s Wall area. Hubby asked me how far it was and I said about 250 miles. His responds was: “Dang, that’s far! Can we split the trip up into two days?”

Hadrian's Wall

I had a good laugh after he said that and said, “Wow, you’re sounding more like a Brit!”. The reason was because a few days before that, my neighbour suggested staying the night half way there. She said more less, “I know you Americans are used to going long distance in one go but that’s a long drive here.”

According to Google maps, the drive from our place to the wall would take 5 hrs 15 min. That’s non-stop.

If you’re somewhat decent in math you’re probably thinking that the speed limit here is ridiculously slow. Or maybe there are no interstates. There are interstates (and the majority of our drive was on the interstate), and the speed limit is 70 miles/hr, BUT interstates/highways are not everywhere and roundabouts are scattered all over highways, county, city, town and village roads. Traffic jams are easier to come by around here too.

When we’re not in a hurry, I love driving two lane roads (the road next to the wall above is a two lane road). You get to pass all sorts of cute villages and towns and if you want/need to, you can easily stop to take in the scenery. But when you have a long drive, the two lane road brings the opposite effect: They can get stressful and tiring.

Sometimes I feel like a sorry driver. Breaking a 250 miles drive into two days. But, besides the drive, there are just so many things to see along the way that the breaks were always worth it, like Fountain Abbey below and all the little adorable towns near it. The kids appreciate it too since they can only look outside, talk, or nap when we drive — only on special occasions do I whip out the iPad, e.g. long ass traffic jam, me driving alone long distance.

Fountain Abbey

3 thoughts on “250 Miles is Far!

  1. You did make me laugh about the driving here. Actually my sister lives in the north east which is a 330 mile drive from me and we’ve always done it in one hit with a couple of short breaks. It’s good to go off the motorway I agree and find all the beautiful places.

    I hope you enjoyed Hadrian’s wall, it’s a very special part of the country. Your photo’s are incredible Savitri, what kind of camera do you have?

    Have a great weekend! 🙂

    1. Glad I made you laugh 🙂 We did enjoy Hadrian wall. Such a beautiful area up there! Looking forward to see the Lake District and Cornwall in the near future!

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