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Back in the days, mostly before Jovie was born, I used to talk about poo every so often. I think somebody even said (jokingly) that I probably had one of the most poo blog posts {::SMILES}. So today, just for old time sakes, I want to share this older but still happy news: Jovie is completely potty trained. She did her first toilet poo on July 24th. She cried each time she wanted to go after that, for about a week and a half (or maybe more… it’s been about two weeks now since she’s been ok with the whole toilet experience… *sigh* I should have kept a better poo record, huh?), and a few times I gave in and put a diaper on, but after some creative persuasion, she now ask to poo in the toilet.

J: Mommy, I need to go poo
M: Ok, let’s go to the toilet.
(hops on and put hands on her chin — with her boney elbow on my arm, ouch!)
J: Mommy, look, I am happy (BIG cheesy smile to show that she’s happy) and I am not crying (another BIG cheesy smile).
M: Good job, baby girl! So proud of you. Now let’s focus and concentrate, ok?
J: (Focuses…) Mommy, I am done. Can I watch Peppa Pig now?
M: Yes you can!!
J: YEA!!!

If dad’s home

J: Daddy, daddy, I did it! I poo’d all by myself. I didn’t cry. I was happy, see (BIG cheesy smile again)? Now I can watch Peppa Pig!!
D: Good job, baby, keep it up!

See what happens when you deprive your children from watching TV? {::SMILES}.

So thank you iPad and Peppa Pig for helping my kid poo in the toilet!!

Oh, this post wouldn’t be complete without a photo of the toilet trained kid.


PS: Card created for Waltzing Mouse Sketch challenge using WM’s pretty stamps.

6 thoughts on “Poo

  1. reminds me of my eldest daughter sitting on a potty while watching a T.V show called “Big dog” she did a poo in the potty everyday untill the weekend, we had to record the show! that was over 25 years ago, her daughter now loves Peppa pig!

  2. yeah, there was a lot of poo involved in this post! well congrats to Jovie! lovely pic, luv the pose, hehe! Hope you are doing well these days!

    C 🙂

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