When He Cooks


He always presents the food just so {::SMILES}.

While I did think of breaking up with him because my from scratch spaghetti sauce gave him heart burns, I kept trying in hopes that his body will adjust. Food, good eating, is very important to me and the thought of being with somebody who can’t appreciate it would be difficult. I’ve been a natural food store and farmer’s market consumer even before the organic/green hype and dining out at quality restaurants is what I save my money for. While I did, still do, have my occasional ramen noodles (mostly Indonesian or Korean), I try to stay away from processed and fast food — although Sonic was my favorite place to get a hamburger (and I miss it now and then still).


But, after a few more spaghetti, other homemade goodness, and many many trips to lovely restaurants (plus showing him pretty photos of food), I think I have successfully turned a soup-eating-straight-from-Campbell-can man into an (artistic) foodie.


Oh, and he dresses nicer now too! He is still a jeans and T-shirt guy but he can easily dress it up a notch (still not GQ, working on that one, HAH!!).

The girls have been following our footsteps. M refuses to eat fast food and Jovie has only been to McD once. I wanted to try a British McD. Emma loves to see how fancy her food will look and Jovie… she’s still just happy with bread and butter.

So ladies, if you just met or in the early stage of a relationship with a barbaric man, there is hope!!!


I did make a card. LOVE the new Waltzingmouse Heroine set!!! I thought I took a photo of it in natural light, but I still can’t find it. So here it is, in night light. I made this for a little 3-yrs-old, Jovie’s new pre-school friend. This little friend had a little party last weekend and Jovie was invited. Such a fun party and Jovie cannot wait to get invited to another one. Ahhhh, the joy of being a pre-schooler. New friends and new experiences!

Take care and have a great weekend!!!

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  1. Ohhh….that plate is dressed so nicely and looks delish!! Love your pics and story!! Love the stamped image and that banner with clothespins is wonderful!

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