She’s Our Star


Here she is, with her first gold medal! She was so proud of herself and of course we were (still are) too.

The competition happened over a week ago, the first of July to be exact. It was just an in club competition but from the looks of all the girls, they were all bound and determine to do their best. Everybody did a fabulous job but M did outperform her team mates in the floor and strength portion. Her body moved beautifully. Almost perfect arches, fabulous pointed toes, and very little wobbles. And no, I’m not just saying it because she’s my daughter {::SMILES}. Emma has challenges that she needs to overcome to be able to do high level gymnastics but in term of body movement, that girl has it.

We look forward to many more competitions and no matter what score she gets, medal or not, we’ll always be proud of her. We hope that she can be happy with her efforts no matter what. Yes a bit of disappointment is normal if she doesn’t win but she needs to be able to recognize others’ hard work and try to work harder for the next competition. I am glad that she has a competitive sport that she’s good at. I think it’s important to learn how to be a gracious winner and loser at an early age. It will help her build a strong foundation for when she grows up.

More later! I did take a photo of a card I made but now I can’t find the photo. The best part is: I already gave the card away.

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