That Special Day


It started when M was around 18-months-old. At first it was just an ice cream or McDonald outing after a doctor’s appointment but then it became a one day event where it was just her and I doing whatever she wanted to do (one time it was 10 merry-go-round ride!!). It was rarely on a weekend for different reasons. One was so she could miss a day of preschool/daycare. It made her feel extra special to be able to tell her friends (and teacher) that her mommy was taking her out of school to do special things with her.

Since we lived in a small town, she always asked to go to Kansas City for her date. Sometimes she’d ask to go to Archivers (which I whole heartedly support) and this petting farm not far from it. Sometimes it’d be the Kansas City Plaza where she could get something at Pottery Barn Kids, Starbucks stop, Children’s Place, and Barns and Nobles. And some other time, when it’s nice out, she’d ask for the zoo.

Before Jovie was born M asked me: “Mommy, will we still have an Emma and mommy day after the baby’s born?” I looked at her and immediately promised that there will always be an Emma and mommy day! I remember the very happy (and relieved) look on her face still. Priceless!!

We haven’t had a lot of M and mommy days since we’ve lived here but we have had a couple.

Today was the latest one and for Emma and mommy day she asked to go to London.

What a fun day we had. While we did go to a few different fun places, it was the cuddling, talk and attention that made her smile from ear to ear. The girl was beaming today and as a mother, I felt giddy inside to be able to give her this special day.

And Jovie? She had a Jovie and daddy day and according to her, she had so much fun!

Emma doesn’t remember all her Emma and mommy days, she has had quite a few by now. But what she does remember is that she always feel special each and every time. She also knows that as busy as I get with her and Jovie, chores, her daddy, etc (or in the past, my full-time job), I always can make time for her. It’s like the activity or reading or singing to a baby. She won’t remember the words that came out of the person’s mouth. What she will remember is the feeling and how each word and melody sparked not only little bits and pieces of her brain but also her heart.

Until next time and I hope you spend one special day with your little someone, even if it’s just a whole day of uninterrupted play.

Take care!

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