And She Rides


Yesterday Emma figured out how to ride a bicycle.

I think I was about her age when I learned how to ride the bicycle. I learned on my own using a neighbor’s bike, an adult size bicycle, while holding on to that neighbor’s wire fence. I can’t remember how many times I fell, or how I managed, but after a lot of hard work, a few weeks of it I think, I learned how to ride the bike.

I remember the moment still too. I got onto the bicycle while holding on to the fence. Since it’s a wire fence, I was a bit wobbly, but I was ok. After a few adjustments I let go, peddled, and voila, I moved forward. Those first few real peddles were one of the happiest moments in my little life. Not only did I learn how to ride the bicycle, I did it myself.

The happiness didn’t last very long though. The few peddles were just that, few. And since I haven’t figured out how to stop, I jumped to the side of the bike, onto the grass, to stop. I couldn’t use my feet because I felt like I was too high up — remember, I was on an adult bicycle. I did get better, riding that is, but stopping was still the same, I jumped onto the grass and the bike would wobble forward until it crashed.

A friend of mine finally taught me how to stop properly. I was at her house soon after she got a new bicycle and guess who jumped off the bike to stop?


M had her daddy to help her. We didn’t get to teaching her until last year. Before the move we lived on a dirt road and we were both too tired to go back into town just for bike teaching. We did plan on teaching her two years ago but hubby was gone a lot that first year. I couldn’t do it since Jovie was still not walking. I didn’t want to put Jovie in a carrier while helping M. Last year Emma got herself a new bike but I think between the training wheels and that the bike was a tad bit too big for her, M didn’t progress. This year I told hubby that no matter what, M’s going to figure out how to ride the bicycle!

And she did! She’s grown into the bicycle and without the training wheels, Emma peddled on her own on the first go.

So proud of her and we can’t wait to do family bike rides!

Hope you like the card I posted too. I used Waltzingmouse’s sketch for the inspiration. You should play along too!!

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  1. Love this card and the one this week too! Congrats to M!!! Riding a bike is a big achievement and makes them so proud!

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