Jam, Jelly, Preserve

Fresh Preserves

Do you get jelly, jam and preserve all mixed up? I did until last week.

I was at a cafe and said: “Can I have the scone with the (while pointing) jelly, jam, preserve… oh, that thing over there! What is that thing?” The guy helping me chucked and he said, “jam?” I let out a little chuckle and said, “Yes, jam! (Pause) What is the difference between jelly, jam and preserve?” It was the lady next to me that eventually explained. She said that jelly is like American jello, see through clear. Jam has fruits but they’re not in chucks. Jam can be pureed fruits. Preserve is jam but with chucks of fruits. It was then that I had an “Aha” moment {::SMILES}

Today I have this cute little tag using WPlus9’s new set: Fresh Preserve + dies.

Fresh Preserves

  • is a 4×6 clear photopolymer stamp set
  • 17 high quality photo-polymer stamps; 1 jar image, 1 filler image, 1 label image, 8 berry building images in two sizes, and 6 sentiments that fit inside of the label
  • will be available for purchase June 5th for $14

Preserves Jar Die

  • coordinates with the Fresh Picked stamp set
  • four separate dies wired together that can be easily snipped and separated
  • will be available for purchase June 5th for $8

It’s a lovely stamp set. You can make tags out of this, and hang it on the jar of jam/preserves that you want to gift to somebody. Love it!!

Before you go, please check out the other DT’s work:

And I will catch you again tomorrow!!

8 thoughts on “Jam, Jelly, Preserve

  1. I love that you are EVER the educator! Thanks for the refresher on all things sweet and preserved… LOL WHAT ever they call ’em – you SURE packaged YOURS up, beautifully! SUCH a glorious buffet of materials + talent! Yum! Yum!

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