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Good Morning

“Nothing is fun until you’re good at it” — Amy Chua

Every morning Emma would get up a few minutes early and on her own would practice the piano. Sometimes the morning would be fill with pretty tunes while other times it’d be filled with off notes and a frustrated 8-yrs-old. When the later happens I always have to come into the piano room and tell her to eat breakfast first and then revisit the piece again after she calms down. Nine out of ten that usually works and she’d come out of the room with a huge smile and an, “I DID IT!!!”

I love all of Emma’s activities. I love them because M chose them. I especially love piano though since it was one that I wanted to be good at when I was her age. I couldn’t take lessons back then since my parents couldn’t afford it (or the piano). I resorted to asking my aunts to teach me and whenever I could, at my grandpa’s house (a three hours drive), I’d practice. I learned a few songs this way. A few years later I did learn from a very good teacher but we still didn’t have a piano and Fur Elise was the last piece I did.

I still want to be decent at the piano. So now, when Jovie’s not bothering me, I’d practice the songs that M’s learning at her lessons.

Emma is very good with gymnastics. She might really have the natural talent for it but I have a better feeling about her musical talent. She’s been very quick with her reading and fingering, even her teacher is impress and rushing her along (with lots of homework), and I cannot wait to see what the end of the year will be like. She has this goal of playing a few Christmas songs at her school’s church program and I think she’ll do brilliantly!

I made the card above for Emma. I left the card that way on the piano. She was quite pleased this morning when she saw and read the note inside. I used Waltzingmouse’s stamps and sketch for this card. Just simple layers but I think the pattern paper and background stamping is making the card shine.

I hope you’re enjoying a wonderful weekend. It is GORGEOUS here today! The sun is out and if you’ve been in England the last month and a half, you know that this day is special!! Please sun, do stay awhile!!

4 thoughts on “The Piano

  1. So charming, Savitri! What a special little surprise for your daughter! Love the pop of patterned paper peeking out, it’s so pretty with those French Country images!

  2. That’s wonderful! “Tinkling keys” early am or otherwise…how special if that is what she enjoys! Fabulous card for her to see when she next gravitated to the keys!

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