One Year Later…


A year ago one little girl was terrified of the swimming pool (or putting her head under the shower). Ankle deep was all she could do. Any deeper and she’d be screaming. One would think she was being attacked by a snake!! Mom was so worried about her phobia that an appointment with a specialist was almost made! One year ago, this same little girl didn’t know what she liked. She tried different activities but quit soon after. She was hoping to get back into gymnastics (she was in it for 6 months before we moved to the UK) but the nearest gym club (5 minutes away) was full and the waiting list was long.

Luckily this little girl had a great friend whom she admires and luckily many moms (or mums) gave this little girl’s mother many ideas on how to help with the swimming issue.

A year ago today, Emma stepped into the swimming pool without going crazy. I made arrangements for M to have private lessons with an instructor at our local pool. It took a lot (and I mean A LOT) of persuading (and presents afterwards) but she went and realized that the pool wasn’t so bad after all. She agreed on swimming lessons and she started in June.

Sometimes mid-May Emma said she wanted to try ballet and tap. Her best friend’s in ballet and she thought it’d be fun. I was very sceptical about this whole ballet deal since M’s a two time ballet drop-out. But since she wanted to try them (and not me putting her in ballet because the ballet school was conveniently in front of the restaurant/bar we liked to eat and hang out), I said sure. She tried, decided that tap wasn’t for her but ballet was pretty fun. In June, even after knowing that she’ll never be in the same class as her best friend, M was a permanent student.

Around the same time as her ballet tryout, the gymnastics club called (almost a year after I put her on the waiting list) and said they have space starting in June.

After writing this much (and looking at my calendar) I didn’t realize how big of a month June of 2011 was for M!!

In between the above and now a few things have changed, all for the better.

M is now in level 4 of swimming. She’s still very cautious but after the intensive one week session that she attended, I can really see her improvements. She just has the butterfly stroke to master and she’ll move up to level 5 (seven is the highest for lessons).

Emma is still in ballet and passed her first Royal Ballet exam with a distinction. Not only that, she had the highest marks for the whole school!! It was quite an unexpected surprise and M’s quite pleased with herself; she even did a little shriek {::SMILE}. She’s now in grade one and cannot wait to move up to grade two.

Gymnastics has been interesting. The almost a year of waiting was a disappointment from the first time I laid eyes on the gym. It was my fault too for not trying out first. The gym was lovely but it was only a rec gym. A rec gym in the UK is mostly for fun. A bit of equipment, some tumbling, and the such. Thankfully one of the coaches came up to me (and I swear to you that it was heavenly planned the way it happened) and told me that M has talent and that I should take her elsewhere. So we tried out at the nearest competitive gym and was surprised to get an invite for the intermediate session. At the end of July Emma was learning proper gymnastics — ya know, like the ones you see on TV {::SMILES}.

That gym didn’t last long though. The first three months were great. Emma was in an awesome group with a couple great coaches. She learned a lot!! Then she got moved around and by December she went through four coaches. After trying out at two other gyms, we decided to move to one that’s 45-50 minutes away (37 miles each way) and couldn’t be happier. While further (the second gym was 25 minutes away), the quality is 10x better.

We’ve been at the third gym for three months now and M has learn so much! Her form has improved and some new skills that she’s proud of accomplishing are (the links are not our videos, they’re just examples of what each term is): Baby giants, round off dismount on beam and cartwheels on beam. Her form gets better each practice (really beautiful to watch too) and it’s been amazing seeing her body pick up new moves in a fairly short amount of time. Her new little goal: A kip, press to handstand,Β and to be as skilled as other eight-yrs-old at the gym (M is considered a late starter for the UK development program and working with the 7 and 8-yrs old to catch up).

We are so proud of this girl’s hard work and commitment. She’s so little, the’s the same size as a lot of 6-yrs-old, but very hard working.

One thought on “One Year Later…

  1. πŸ™‚ Standing ovation for both Emma and her mom! Amazing achievements πŸ™‚ I am always in awe of her achievements and hard work. I’d love my son to be like Emma in every way! And more so, I’d love to meet Emma and see her genius at work! πŸ™‚ {My mom’s in London now and I have half heart to call her up and ask her to meet this little lady!} πŸ™‚

    Aaryan refuses to learn swimming (though he was the one who wanted to go for swimming lessons in the first place). After 3 classes, he has been howling and screaming and not even stepping into the water. Don’t know what to do… πŸ™ He is 5 yrs 4 mths old. He is loving his tennis lessons though. I don’t know whether to coax him to swim or to let him be! Any tips, Vitri?

    Big hugs,

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