It’s VERY England Right Now

Rainy day

Before moving to the UK (two years ago) I bought a pair of wellies, or rain boots, thinking I’d be using them almost everyday (since there’s always a rain scene in Jane Austen and Agatha Christie would sometimes dedicate a whole page on weather talk). While I did use them, they weren’t as often. For the last two years England has been semi dry.

Over a month ago, despite the lack of wear, I bought a new pair of wellies. I had a really good excuse, the other wellies didn’t give me enough ankle support and the rubber pinched my toes. I was really excited about my new shoes and remember saying, “I can’t wait until it rains so I can wear these!” to the cashier (at Joules). When I said it I had no hope of rain, there was even a hosepipe ban for our area which started a few days after I bought the wellies because of the very dry winter.

I can’t remember the exact timeline but either on the day or soon after the hosepipe ban came into effect rain came, and it hasn’t stopped since. The last few weeks have been what a lot of people across the Atlantic and Pacific (maybe African or some European countries too) think of the UK: Rain, rain, rain and more rain.

The bizarre part is: We’re still in drought mode.

Our outdoor activities have been lessened do to the rain but the other funny bit about England’s rain is that it’s not steady. It’ll rain for 15 minutes and then it’ll be sunny for 30. It’ll then sprinkle for 45 minutes and then gloomy for the next hour. The sun will come out again but then rain will soon follow.

I had a silly conversation with hubby the other day. I told hubby that it’s no wonder British folks drink a lot of tea.

Me: I get why British people drink a lot of tea.
Hubby: Why?
Me: Because the rain goes on and off like this. I mean here’s a scenario (in my best British accent): “Dear, let us go outside and weed.” And out they went. 30 minutes later: “Oh, it’s starting to rain, let us go inside and have some tea with the cake I made yesterday.” 15 minutes later: “Oh look, the rain is stopping, let’s finish up in a bit.” 45 minutes later: “Isn’t the garden starting to look lovely? Oh goodness, what is this I feel? Oh dear, more rain, oh well, we did what we wanted to do, let us go back inside and have tea.”
Hubby: You’re so ridiculous sometimes…

I’d like one decent dry day sometimes in the near future but if not, then at least we look cute in the rain (HA!!).

I did make a card this week. Something simple using Waltzingmouse’s sketch for this week. FUN sketch, btw, it’s simple and very versatile. Just my kind of thing {::SMILES}.

Je t'aime

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