We Saw the Queen


I am not one who gets excited easily about a celebrity. Even though I think Johnny Depp is pretty cool (and he’s only a couple hours away), I wouldn’t be screaming and jumping up and down if we ever bump into each other. I don’t wait around for famous people to pass by either. Sleep is too precious for me and if it’s cold outside, forget it!

But while in York (April 5th), Her Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth II was there too and by accident we saw her pass by (with nobody else blocking my camera). I got a couple good pictures of her and one was this:

Queen Elizabeth II in York Maundy Thursday

I have another photo but this one shows all three royals inside the vehicle. Emma was standing right in front of me and even though I am almost sure the Queen was not specifically looking at us, it felt like it. We were just at the right place at the right time. No waiting or anything…


Here was York the next day. The sun didn’t want to come out and it was a bit chilly but still, a very beautiful ancient town!

Emma… M is well. BUT, she’s been difficult to photograph lately. Jovie on the other hand keeps asking for a photo. But the other day I caught this. A happy girl who just got her croquet ball through the hoop (random ball and random hoop).


And this, Jovie behind a chess board.


The card… I created the card using this week’s Waltzingmouse sketch. LOVE the sketch! Had so much fun creating this one piece!!

Take care and until next time!

3 thoughts on “We Saw the Queen

  1. That is too frigging amazing! She looks so happy and she’s clearly looking right at you and your beautiful children!

  2. How cool is that?! I would totally be excited!!! I love all your photos and your card! It looks like we might be in London in July, so I need all your best tips and must see’s!!

  3. Love your gorgeous card.. you do so well with mix of colors and pattern, without clutter and looking beautiful 🙂
    Love your girls pictures… they are such darlings 🙂

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