Day Out at Kensington Park

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It was a bit chilly today but we all left for a little day out in London and to bring grandma, grandpa + auntie back home. The hotel that we met up at was very near Hyde/Kensington Park and so after we met up and had lunch at Tukdin, a Malaysian restaurant (that’s quite delicious, affordable and clean for a central London location), we went for a stroll at the park.

The walk was short but it was very sweet. Cold as it was, the park was beautiful!

After about an hour or so we decided to head back to our home. Now, unlike the journey into London, the travel back was a bit challenging and interesting. You see, my father-in-law is in a wheelchair. He can walk but not much and steps are very challenging for him. But, despite the few steps, the super full tube, and the two hours mini adventure, we got back home safe and sound.

Ok, I am beat! G-night and I hope you enjoy a little one layer from Waltzingmouse sketch challenge. Laters!

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