A Bit of Stitching


Miss M turned 8 last Sunday. Being 8 is somewhat bitter sweet for her though. She loves that she can go into the pool’s changing room on her own or be able to participate in “better” art workshops at museums and such. But at the same time, she wishes she’s seven still so that she can be the same age as the other girls in the development program at her gymnastics club. It’s not a major issue and it’s one of the reason why we switched gymnastics club, so that she can move up quicker and be with other 8-yrs-old sometimes at the end of the year or even this summer.

For her birthday we didn’t splurge. We got her little bits of this and that with her favourite being things from Cath Kidston. We were suppose to go out too, with two of her best friends, but it snowed the night before with 5-6″ on the ground and so we had to reschedule. Hopefully this weekend will be nicer and three little girls can have a fun little get together.

I did get a little bit of time to make M a little handmade something. While she thought it was cute, she’s not so enthused about it. Ahhh… I could only hope, right? So, even though it’s just laying around somewhere (see, not even sure where) I will hang it up in her room. Maybe one day it’ll grow on her. Me personally, I love it!

Have a great one!! Our heat just came back on after being down for a good three hours. We’re so lucky to live in the era of central heating. I love wood fire places but in terms of comfort and convenience, central heating is the way to go. Laters!!

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