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WPlus9 December'11  Release

It’s DECEMBER! I can’t believe 2011 will be ending in 31 days. YIKES! I remember being excited about the new year, and birthdays, but as I got older the new year, and birthdays, have gotten to be a bit bitter sweet. While it’s always exciting to see what lies ahead I am not too fond of getting older. While I want the kids to grow up (and I am sure Emma cannot wait to do just that) I don’t want want them to grow so fast either. Another year means something else too now… one more year down and just a few more to go here in jolly good England!

Today I bring you a little sneak peak project using WPlus9‘s NEW ‘Love You More’. One thing I love about being in a design team is that we get to do future season projects. I love it because it forces me to break from present happenings. It was great to be Valentine-ish in between putting the tree together, decorating, and shopping. The card is simple but I made it a tiny bit layer-ish just to give it a bit of volume. I know I’ve used ‘love’ quite a bit in this paragraph but I want to share one more thing that I love! The stamps are so crispy, especially the sentiments, that I just want to stamp stamp stamp! Really!!

Now my proud moment… I am good, sometimes great, at many things but there are two basic things, well four, that I am completely terrible at: Cleaning, baking, swimming and hair fixing. The only thing good I can do in terms of hair is brushing. Anything else… a teenager can probably do a better job than me.

Next weekend is Emma’s (Royal) ballet exam (sounds stinkin’ fancy). For the exam she has to wear her hair up in a bun. Crap!! Right? So last weekend, after getting all the gears (net and pins) I got to work. FAIL FAIL FAIL! What does one do when they can’t figure something out? Google helps but YouTube is where I go for this kind of work. After five videos not only did I get a (perfect) bun but I made a hair donut out my holey sock! Yes, I still have my holey socks. The holes have gotten bigger, to the point where I could skip the cutting the end of the sock part (sad, I know).

Here it is, my first (or fifth try) ballet bun:

Ballet Bun

Nice, huh?!!! (Say yes or I will be very angry!!)

Here’s the sad part… M went to exam rehearsal, did awesome and then after the rehearsal I found out that the teachers will do the girls’ hair. That’s why we have to be there 40 minutes early.

Ahhh…. all that effort!

On a good note, M was so stinkin’ proud of her mama’s work that she wore her bun all day and all night! She thought I was the best mama and she also believed that she had the best hair at rehearsal (out of 20 kids I think two others had some sort of bun, the rest were just pony tails). I love that girl!!!

Ballet Bun

That’s it for now! Until tomorrow!!!

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15 thoughts on “Proud Moment

  1. The wee-girl looks sooooooo elegant! {Yikes!} – SHE’S absolutely stunning – a perfect compliment to your OUTSTANDING card m’dear! WELL done, on all accounts! xo!

  2. What should I write about first – the card or the bun!?! 🙂

    The bun is fantastic!! I can’t do more than a ponytail :-p I think you’ve done a great great job!

    And the card…. it is so so nice to see a lovey-dovey card on the first of December 🙂 I love the card!!! Love the stamping, the pink CS, the ‘mesh’, the ribbon… {sigh}… I think I need to ask Santa to get me craft supplies.. I haven’t bought anything in such a long long time!!


    1. I WISH I had thick enough hair to sport that gorgeous bun!

      And loving all of the layers Savitri! I can’t wait to see the rest!

  3. It seems like I use the word ‘love’ a lot, too, but I really do love this! Simple and pink! Your daughter’s hair looks amazing – perfect for her ‘royal exams’ (ouch!) for sure!

  4. Love your card and think you did great with the hair bun. I just learned how to make this bun too with a holey sock a couple of weeks ago. It was all over pinerest as a way of getting wave curls in your hair only you make your bun up higher and then sleep with it. I had to try and love it but I have just done the bun too for me and my daughter and we liked that too.

  5. I love your heart filled card, it’s perfectly sweet!! Oh, Savitri, this year went way too fast for me, really! I think probably faster than the year before! Scary. I think you did a wonderful job on the bun hair…I could never do that, wow! What patience! I’m sure she was the sweetest of them all! 😉

  6. Love the pink card! The texture of the background, the stamp, the way you cut the comment bubble out and popped it off the page… LOVE IT ALL! And the do, too! All that effort…. bummer.

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