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A £45.04 turkey comes in a nice fancy and sturdy box. I’ve never felt more proud carrying a turkey than this morning. Seriously!!

The turkey is fresh. This is our first fresh turkey. Even the turkey we got from our local farmer in MO was frozen so this is a treat. There’s no smile, no birth certificate or a photograph, but, based on the box the turkey had a good life and will make six adults, one teen and seven children happy tomorrow!!


I cook like I craft. Now and then I get a feel for something complicated or just time consuming to prepare but for the most part I am a quick and simple kind of girl. So for this year’s Thanksgiving I will be serving (I linked to the recipes but I usually improvise as I go):

  1. Turkey – of course
  2. Mashed potatoes + gravy (I’d cook it after everything else is done and after turkey comes out I’ll stick this in the oven to heat)
  3. Green bean casserole (prep in the a.m. and then stick in the oven 30 minutes before serving)
  4. Glazed carrots (I make the glaze in the a.m. and then the carrots will take 5 minutes to boil)
  5. Steamed corn on the cob/kernels (depends on what hubby brings back this evening)
  6. Corn bread (maybe using this one but did love this one)
  7. Stuffings, I just follow the recipe on the package and stuff it in my turkey
  8. Gravy
  9. Cranberry sauce (make later tonight)
  10. Pumpkin pies (hubby’s recipe and he’ll make this from scratch tonight)

I don’t have a plan of attack but everything, I think, has been graphed in my head. We’ll see how it goes!

Have a great holiday!!!

5 thoughts on “Our Simple Menu

  1. awesome fresh turkey… 🙂
    used to rear them at home when younger… just love to tease them so they will flap open their tails.. lol.

    Happy thanksgiving dear to you and family. Love to M and Jovie… thanks for the gift of friendship, love, family and colours of life.. Cheers!

  2. Hope you had a wonderful holiday meal with your family and loved ones! I’m sure it was fabby! Great menu you had listed, everything sounded so good!

  3. Growing up, we raised pigs and turkey to be eaten during the town’s Fiesta. Sadly, I just can’t remember how well they tasted.

    I love the box that your turkey was stored. Presentation alone was well worth the $$ =o)

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