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Crazy Hair Day

Open grocery stores on Thanksgiving day!

As I am finalising our Thanksgiving menu, putting together a grocery list for the hubby (for the base) and writing down all the rest that I need to get at the local farm shops/grocery store I am thankful that Thanksgiving is a US holiday. It’s not that I am selfish about turkey day but it’s been quite nice you see to be able to send the hubby off to the grocery store two hours before dinner without wondering if it’s opened/closed. Also, it’s awesome that we don’t have to fight a crowd to get that 1lb of sugar for the cranberries.

It’s the little thing sometimes, right?

Here’s a little page using November’s Scarlet Lime kit. A simple little page which I really like. The photo’s old. It’s even somewhat scratched up but I love it! Emma was 2-ish and unlike Jovie she had a lot of hair, quite a little lady for her age and very articulate. Jovie… we still haven’t gotten her first hair cut, still baby-ish (super cute though), and if there’s an app to help us translate her speech we’d get it (she still signs but she doesn’t know enough signs to say all she wants to say). It’s so odd how two kids, from the same parents, can be so different!

Adieu for now! I might come back but if not, happy Thanksgiving to all my American friends! I will be busy prepping a dinner for 14. It’s not to bad really, 6.5 adults (one is almost a teenager thus the half) and the rest are kids aged 1, 2, 4, 4, 7, 8 and 8, but I want it to be nice still so wish me luck {::SMILES}.

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