Our $6.50/lb Turkey

Merry Merry

Me: I ordered our turkey for Thanksgiving.
Hubby: Ok, sounds good. Will it be fresh?
Me: Yup! It’ll be a 5-6.5 kg (11-13lbs) turkey at £8.99/kg or £4.08/lb or about $80.
Hubby: WHAT?!?!
Me: It’s a happy turkey.
Hubby: Well, that’s fine. BUT, that damn turkey better have a smiley face, a birth certificate with its feet print on it and a photograph of it being treated well while it was alive.

Turkeys are not cheap in the UK! Even though our US turkeys have ranged in price from $2.99-$3.99 (they’re free range, grass fed, no antibiotic turkeys from a local farmer or Whole Foods) and when buying food I do a £1:$1 exchange rate (if you don’t, you’ll never eat or buy anything here), the $6.50 actual conversion did give me a bit of a pocketbook jolt. BUT, since it’s only once a year and the one thing we splurge on are vacations and food, we’re going to happily pay. Plus, I have no place to defrost a turkey. Our UK refrigerator is not as big as the US ones and we do need the space for our daily perishable goods.

We’ll be sharing the day with a few friends. I need to confirm one still… I’m not even sure if hubby has invited them or not… but either way, we should have a great day! I can’t wait and between now and then I’ll be busy making place settings and finding little gifties for the kids’ goodie bags.

Oh, question for my American friends… do you prepare goodie bags (like birthday goodie bags to take home) for the children at all the parties you host or go to? The parties we go to here, the host always have something for the kids to either enjoy there or take home. I didn’t socialise much before we moved here so kind of curious.

On the crafty side I have this little card to share. I made this the other day but didn’t get to photograph it until today. I used a Christmas set by WPlus9: Classic Christmas. I am going with flat this year so you’ll be seeing a few more flat holiday pieces from me (postage is just getting more and more expensive).

Have a great weekend!

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