Start of Christmas

Gift Card Holder

I know, it sounds wrong, right? I mean it’s not even Thanksgiving yet. But, since Thanksgiving is not a UK holiday, Christmas preparations has started here.

Today I went to a Christmas food tasting event at a local farm shop, La Hogue. They were giving visitors samples of their free range turkey, chicken, ham, geese, etc. There was a little craft market too which was really fun to go through. After a bit of sampling, Emma and I decided on getting a golden turkey for Thanksgiving and unsmoked ham for Christmas. The turkey was sooooooooooo good and the ham succulent! Can’t wait to cook with them!!

Besides the food tasting we had a night of fireworks and bonfires. It was Guy Fawkes day yesterday here in the UK. Our village had a huge fireworks display and our neighbour invited us to a bonfire party after. Hubby made a super mean BBQ pork ribs. They were divine! Seriously!! And everybody loved them! We will definitely have to do a BBQ next summer so that our friends can get a taste of the awesomeness, HA!

Then my project… it’s a gift card wallet inspired by a folding card sketch by Waltzingmouse. I know it looks like a card but it isn’t. With a Scor-Pal I scored this 4.5×9 piece of paper at the 3″ and 6″ mark and then fold. The reason I used this method to create my wallet was so not to make the tag and ribbon visible from behind. Let me show you what I mean:

Gift Card

See? Clean on the back!

I need to make a few of these because I have a couple gift card gifties. I know it seems so not thoughtful to give a gift card but ya know, while we all love gifts, sometimes it’s just nice to pick our own things and have the money (the gift card) to pay for them.

I hope you’ve had a great weekend too and until next time!

2 thoughts on “Start of Christmas

  1. this is simple and gorgeous… Love the colours..
    I have been dropping by but was too tired to leave any comments.. love your photos on Wales as well.. .

    Will definitely meet you when you travel to this part of the world, likewise…

    Will hv more time soon.. just quit my job..till month end… so more free time come Christmas season 🙂

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