On a Diet

Sweet Jovie

The last few… hmm… week… days… uhm… something, I’ve been on a diet. Reason: I wore these pair of pants trousers a little bit ago and they were a bit snug.

The other day we went for pizza. This place has these really good pizza dough. They’re so much better if dipped into their garlic-butter dip. And I had nine of them, all dipped. This was on top of my veggie pizza. The only reason I knew I consumed nine pieces was because hubby pointed it out (grrr!!). You see, he’s a skeptic. He believes that diet and I don’t get a long. Paying attention and pointing out what I eat just proofs to him that he’s right and I might as well remove the word “diet” from my life.

But hey, a girl has got to try, right?

I have another digital page to share with you. More goodies from Jessica Sprague with Jovie as my little model. Ok, I know I am bias but isn’t she just too cute?!?!

2 thoughts on “On a Diet

  1. Hi Gorgeous..Your LO is Beautiful ..your babies are so Gorgeously cute:)
    I cant believe how quick the time is going!!!
    It`s always a real treat to catch up Savatiri…
    I love all your work….
    Hope your all well..Enjoy the rest of your week:) xxx

  2. Look at her face!!Totally sweet! She is a gem and loving those EP papers you used, ofcourse, my fave! Best wishes with your diet! It’s so hard, I’ve tried to lose a few pounds myself, isn’t working, so I just gave up!! I love food to much!

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