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We all can’t be June Cleaver. Hubby would go broke if I even attempt it. I mean the hairdresser alone would give our pocket book a nice dent!

I did attempt it though last Saturday. I went to gymnastics and then the market with proper ladylike clothing and even a pearl necklace. I did my hair too and dug out a proper handbag from my closet!! June would have been so stinkin’ proud of me!

I’ve been dressing up a bit the last few weeks. While I wanted to look a bit more presentable, the hubby and the M have been griping about my looks. Hubby’s the kind of guy who changes into day time clothes soon after he gets out of bed and I can stay in my PJs (whatever t-shirt I can find and flannel pants) all day or even two days in a row (I used to go to my college classes in the clothes I slept in too). Emma loves to dress up and I’ve pretty much been wearing the same thing every four days – whatever’s on top of the clean laundry pile whether they match or not. More than once my 7-yrs-old have told me to go change because I looked embarrassing.

Yesterday I had a little sweater, nice slacks and a tidier hair do. Emma loved it. She said I looked very nice. Then after I got M from school I changed into some old t-shirt, pants and a house coat that’s full of stains (from my ink pads mostly). I went to see M for something and soon after she saw me she said, “Ahhh, it’s house mommy again. I love it when you dress up nice.” She seriously looked disappointed that I changed.

Maybe I have been taking “casual look” a bit too far. It’s just hard to get all dolled up when I know I have (dirty) chores to do around the house and a 2-yrs-old who can lay her dirty fingers on me at any moment. I’d like to be able to sit on the floor, the grass, etc. without worrying about my light colored pants getting dirty.

This whole dressing up thing did make me wonder about those living thousands of years ago. I wonder if husbands/children back then ever complain about their mom’s loin cloth skirt. I wonder if there was a village style icon that the ladies look up too.

Do you ever think of things like that?

Anyhoot, a little altered piece that I did using pieces from Scarlet Lime, the main October kit. FUN project I did here!! This was a gift for a little girlie. It’s a regular, soft cover, writing book that I covered and did a bit of simple decorating. It took me 30 minutes to do, more less, and from what I heard, the recipient loves her gift.

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  1. House mommy… I love it! On the weekends I have to force myself to shower or else I’ll stay in my jammies all day and craft…eat…..nap….repeat.

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