Title-Less Wednesday


I’ve been sitting here for a good 15 minutes trying to figure out what to title this post. I guess if a title can’t be found in that length of time then the post should just be title-less. So here’s to my no title post…

I actually have a lot to share today. I haven’t blogged in… uhm… a week? Just decided to take a little break and spend a bit of me time because once again I turned 25. I had a few friends celebrating before and after my birthday so it’s been a week of parties and fun. The hubby and I even went on a little date without Jovie freaking out!! I think we’ve reached a milestone here!

For the first time since I was 10 I had a little get together for my birthday. I just invited those I hung out most often and those I like hanging out with even though we don’t see each other often. We had tea and cake at a cafe and had a nice time chit-chatting. I had so much fun that I am thinking of inviting people again next year. Different venue (better cakes, HA!). We’ll see… maybe next year I’ll have no friends {::SMILES}.

Today (or Tuesday – I am writing this was past my bed time), M went to gymnastics. She’s in a new group. The girls in the group itself is fine but oh my, that group has a lot of kids! M came a group of five girls her age to nine!! So tomorrow I am going to have to give them a call and tell them how not comfortable I am with that. On top of my own comfort level I heard the other mums from the group complaining about the new additions too. There were already busy with seven girls, even adding another one would just be a bit much. So we’ll see. While M doesn’t care either way, she likes the girls in both group, she doesn’t understand that more girls = less time on apparatus and also = to less attention. I’ve seen so much improvement in her the last three month’s and I’d hate to have her stall. The sad part is, we might be stuck with this arrangement because they’re short on coaches and the next best gym is 45 minutes away (compare to 30). I am not at all some crazy overly ambitious gym mom but this new arrangement doesn’t look promising at all.

Cards… I have a few cards to share from card making day that I had at my house a few Fridays ago. The above is mine which I proudly paint using water color pencils and the below Christmas card is my friend’s:


And this one is Miss M’s:


Hope you enjoy the cards and before I leave, here’s the Miss:


This was taken during the UK heat wave a week and a half ago. It’s fall but you couldn’t tell from M’s dress.

Have a great one and if you’re a blogger, hope your post is better titled than mine!!!

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