Jovie and I


It’s not bad to be #2. Especially when mommy doesn’t work.

Almost a month now since Emma went back to school and Jovie and I are starting to get back into a routine. After drop-off we’d have breakfast and after that it’ll be “school” time. School isn’t anything formal but it has to be very educational and fun. We don’t do this every day though. We have play dates and also gymnastics. Jovie LOVES gymnastics and it’s something she looks forward to every week.

Before I had Jovie I thought about how little one-on-one time I’d have with her. Even though I worked full-time and had other commitments, M and I spent a lot of time together. Now and then I’d take a day off just to take her on a mommy and me adventure. We looked forward to our bi-annual dentist visit in Kansas City (an hour away). I’d either take half a day or a whole day off and just do whatever she wanted to do. M went almost everywhere with me, even to all day crops because she loved going and being with me.

With two children I thought that everything has to be equal but then I realised that it doesn’t have to be so. There are things M gets that Jovie doesn’t get and vice versa. The good part is that M is ok with it – Jovie, not so much. Kind of hard to tell a two-years-old that something is just not hers.

The weather has been fabulous the last few days here in the UK. Today was 80 I think and for this area, it’s a heat wave! We are trying to take advantage of the last bit of sunshine!

Last Tuesday Jovie and I went to Anglesey Abbey. We went because my friend showed us pics of the gorgeous dahlias that are blooming right now. Of all the National Trust properties I think Anglesey Abbey is my favourite because the garden and park is just beautiful. Not only that, the place is only 10 minutes away from us. SCORE!

I took lots of flower pictures and I also took Jovie’s while we ran around, played and just laughed ourselves silly. We had a great lunch too and Jovie didn’t have to share (I think that was a big deal for her to not have to share with Emma). We had a fabulous time and I think the highlight of my day was when Jovie and I snuggled in the middle of the park, in front of a pond, watching the fish swim around. Here are some pictures of her from that day:




Oh, here’s one of my many flowers:


Just a note, the above card was created using Waltzingmouse’s sketch for this week.

I’ll post more later. Had a lot going on this week that blogging took the back burner. Will get back on again in a few days! Laters!!

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  1. Oh my gosh, Jovie’s hair is growing out so fast, super cute! Are you going to have it grow even longer? Love your little story! Your circle shaped card is really cute with all the fun paper patterns!

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