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Hello Friend

Hiya! Today I went to my friend’s Stampin’ Up! party. We met in Missouri (the great thing about being in the military is that there’s a good chance you’ll bump into each other again even after an overseas move) and it’s always nice to catch up with her now and then. I was hoping to meet up with another person too and was glad that she stopped by to chit-chat.

Anyhoot, at the party we made some candy baggies. They were so cute and M loved my gifty for her. I forgot through to take a photo and so I made another one (doesn’t look quite the same) so that I can share with you and this other friend of mine who wants to get some crafty things together for her daughter’s 2nd birthday.

This bag was really easy to make. This one was a 5×7 piece of paper, a bit bigger than the 4×6 I made at the party. Before I glue the edges of the paper I stamped it with WPlus9’s fun spider webs from the a Pocketful Halloween set. To put it together you just glue one end of the 5″ side and then the 7″ ones. After gluing stick the 5″ side to the other side (you should get a cylinder) and then squeeze one side of the 7″ (now a circle) together. Fill this up with candies (or whatever) and going the opposite direction as the bottom adhere the ends together so to close the box. All done!

At the party we scored the bottom so that they looked crimped but I didn’t do it with this one. To finish the box off I added some cute stamps/embellishments from WPlus9. LOVE the little pocket (and die!)and the spiders. The spiders are waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay cuter than the ones I see here. There are LOTS of spiders here in our area. More than I’ve ever seen anywhere else in the US. If you don’t like spiders don’t move here or pay somebody to spray around the house once or twice a year. There are other methods too but just FYI, the spiders here can be HUGE!!

I hope like the colors. I do. It’s a bit edgy I think. Yes? No?

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  1. Very cute and fun Savitri. You know I love orange and pink together. 😉 ugh, HUGE spiders? No thanks! I think I hate spiders worse than anything else…even snakes.

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