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We sell stuff we don’t use anymore. Only big stuff though. Our first and last yard sale was before moving to the UK. Little things like used clothes, toys, books, etc. we donate.

In the UK you can either take your donations to the different charity shops (many many different versions of the Salvation Army type stores here; every charity has a shop I think) or, these charities will come around, door-to-door, and drop off a little bag with days of when they’ll be coming by to collect and we all just stuff our donations in those bags. Ninety percent of the time it just shows the day of collection on these bags. While this is fine with the majority of the UK folks it’s not quite so with me. I did check the mailbox this morning but the last time before that was… hmm… two weeks ago? So can you see how a circled “Wednesday” might just confused me? Was it last Wednesday or this one or next week?

Last week we got one. From the Salvation Army. It had the date AND the day when they’re collecting. Whoohoo!! Hubby filled it up and he kept telling me to put it in my calendar so not to forget to take it outside.

This morning before taking M to school I put the bag outside, under the bush since it was sprinkling. When I came back from drop-off our neighbor across the street, who was getting ready to go somewhere, waited for me to come closer. I thought he just wanted to say hi. Well he did say hi but he also pointed to my bag and said, “You’re a day too late for that.”

WHAT?!?!?! Aurgh!!!!!!!!!!!

Now, do you also see why I checked the mailbox today? I checked after I came home from drop-off, with bag in hand, to see if there’s another collection bag for another charity so that I can just dump the content (or double bag) into the new bag and hope that I put the bag outside on the right day the next time around.

Hubby said there’s always a reason why I do something. Like checking the mail today. I probably wouldn’t check the mailbox until next week if I wasn’t looking for a charity bag… or expecting stamps from Waltzingmouse – they’re in Ireland so I get my goodies in my house mailbox instead of the base APO one.

Charity Bag

I made the tag above for a little friend. It was her birthday and she wanted a tag similar to what I made for her sister. It was a bit challenging because her mum said that she’s not very girlie. After some pulling stuff out I decided to use one of my favorite stamp set from Practicing Creativity, a few oldies but goodies from Studio Calico and another stamp set, from American Craft, that I forgot I had. Love finding old treasures!!

Have a great day all and tomorrow’s blog post might be about pencil cases…

One thought on “Charity FAIL

  1. Boy all that charity stuff does sound confusing! I think it’s awesome that they have so many charities in place, though. I think it’s catching on in the states, but we still have a long way to go to match up with the UK.
    LOVE your tag! The hot air balloons and clouds are fabulous, and perfectly detailed and designed without being overly “girly”. So adorable!

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