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One day I want to go to London by myself. Maybe as a birthday present, Christmas or just because. I love the kids and all but it’d be nice I think if I can, for one day, not have to chase a toddler down or listen to why things happen per Miss M’s theory. I love the hubby but it’d be nice if I can take as long as I want staring at a pair of shoes or go back and forth five times between two shops trying to decide which dress fits me best. Yes, I’d love to wonder around London, sit at a shop sipping coffee and reading and shop all by myself. Do you get “me” time here and there?

Saturday we went to London. I persuaded M to skip gymnastics (awesome gymnastics mom!) so that we could go to the National Gallery, grab a bite to eat and just hang out as a family. The first thing Jovie said when we got out of the Tube: “YEA, SHOPPING!!” Hubby looked at me and I said, “What?!?!”

While the day was quite good, the National Gallery wasn’t quite so. I wish I could share how enthused M was about the whole experience or at least a painting spiked her interest but nope. She was grumpy. I was a bit disappointed too because the reason we went was so M could see some known art work. She keeps saying she wants to be an artist when she grows up. She did perk up at the end when we got to the gift shop but became extremely upset when I told her that there will be no purchase because of her attitude in the gallery. I reminded her that she was given many opportunities to change the attitude but none was taken so the no shopping (and M LOVES gift shops… or any shop really) was the punishment. So, if anybody saw a little girl crying at the National Gallery gift shop Saturday evening then you can most likely say you’ve seen M in person. I did love seeing some of Van Gogh, Monet, Seurat, Raphael and Rembrandt’s work in person. I have a thing for sunflowers and love Van Gogh’s version. I love Degas’ ballet class too while Raphael’s colors were just so vibrant. Oh, and Lady Jane Grey’s painting… so so sad!

Besides that, we had fun. Right outside the Gallery we saw some street dancing. Oh, notice that little clock behind the tall monument? That’s Big Ben.

Street Dancing

See the kid jumping over the people below? These young folks were very fun to watch!

Street Dance

We had a great Mexican lunch at Wahaca. Highly recommended if you’re in the Trafalgar/National Gallery area! Mexican food, good Mexican food I should say, is not easy to find. So when one is found, especially if it’s not Tex-Mex, one needs to share the info. The pork tacos were soooooooo good! They’re just like the ones I got from the little old lady selling on the sidewalk in Mexico. Street food without the Montezuma curse!


Hubby Eating

We had tea (or coffee).


Saw a funny street sign.

Street Sign

We went to Chinatown.

Chinatown London

Passed by the theatre where Mamma Mia is performed. Next time M and I will have tickets to watch the show and not just pass by it!

Mamma Mia

We walked through Soho to get to the tube (good thing M is still too little to notice all the “interesting” stuff ). Soho is right next to Chinatown, just a few steps from the Mamma Mia theatre and around the corner from many other places. One little road to cross, one little step and you’re in a more “interesting” part of town. I think we were the only one with a stroller. If M was older or more observant she’d have more questions but she’s still little and not into her surrounding. She was more into avoiding smoke smells. Besides more adults and people smoking, she didn’t notice anything different with the areas we walked through.


Almost at the tube station.


Got some Korean for dinner at Assa. Recommended too. Price was great and it was packed full of Koreans (a great sign, right?). I had some spicy tofu soup with rice, kim chi, bean sprouts, seaweed and fried rice. Hubby wasn’t hungry so only M and I ate. I wish I ordered the hot plate. Looked so yummy and big portions too! Next time!

I wish I had taken pics of the food. But I was hungry. Next time!

3 thoughts on “London

  1. Hey there Savitri, just dropped by to say hello :). Lovely pictures… I want to go to London too boohoo!! 🙁
    I need help disciplining Aaryan now!! :-p We just got back from a vacation; he was good most of the time but sometimes we just lost control!! And he already has a shopping list ready!

  2. Jovie sounds like my kind of girl!! That is hysterical!! And my mouth is watering just thinking of REAL mexican food. We really don’t get tex mex here either. We loved the Texas Embassy in London, but we had been living overseas for a while, so I don’t know how it would really compare to the States… isn’t that funny how our palate becomes a little less picky? 🙂 Since we live in the city, I find time for myself every now and then, but I tend to feel lonely because I hate shopping alone. You just need to pop over and I’ll take the girls while you go out alone! 🙂

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