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I don’t want to sound smug but I am a very intelligent person. Ok, that probably sounded smug huh? I didn’t realize I was quite smart until 4th grade, when I came back to Indonesia. They used a ranking system and every child (and parents) knew exactly where the child was at in class (all you teachers are probably horrified right now). My first semester I was 33/36 (and my mom was in class with me as a translator because I forgot how to speak Indonesian). Second semester I was 20/36 (sans mom). The last semester I was 7/36. You’re now thinking I made those numbers up. No. I have a weird memory too. I remember stuff like this. I remember how my house, a little shack, looked and I was 2 or 3 when we lived there.

Then from 5th grade on I was always somewhere between 1st and 5th in rank with 1st-3rd at the end of the school year (the big deal one). In high school my grades suffered but it wasn’t because I lost my mind… well I did but in a different way… I wasn’t allowed to do a lot of things before high school you see. But since I went to high school two states (province in Indonesia) away I could do whatever I wanted. I didn’t get into smoking or drugs or drinking but I signed up for every extra curricular activity. I was even in a chess, scrabble and spelling team. Shocking I know! The school was more competitive too. Really smart kids from different parts of Indonesia went to high school there with me. So imagine all the top ranking kids fighting for top ranks in each classroom. There are a few top schools in Indonesia, all in Java, and mine was one of them.

So between my grades and the IQ test that all freshman had to take in high school (I was one point under the genius level) I consider myself a very intelligent person (hubby might argue with me though, he thinks I have zero common sense sometimes).

We went in the maze. The maze I told you about yesterday. This place is a pretty neat. It’s seven acres and every year they do different patterns. Equipped  with a map that I purchased for £1 we all, one adult and four children, went in. At the entrance the bigger kids picked up a scavenger hunt board game. There are signs along the way for them to complete the board. Then off we went.

We found the first sign. Sweet! How did we get there? How the **** did I know. At first I was confident with my map reading ability but the maze had a lot of short turns all over the place. After we got to the first sign I was completely lost. Since the folks I was guiding are still trickable (although for their age group some are nerds) nobody noticed my lack of confidence. After a few more turns we were back where we started. The place where the kids got their little board game. AURGHH!!!!!! FAIL FAIL FAIL FAIL!!!

So off we went again. And I was so lost again after a few turns (by then I was blaming the map for being hard to decipher). Then clever me got an idea. I told the kids to lead. That made oh so lost me the oh so fun leader/mom/adult, whatever. Eldest K ended up directing… it’s in her nature… and only God knows how we got to the center of the maze. There we played and I let them do what was suppose to be illegal: Going in between the corn. I didn’t realize this until I sat down. I didn’t have anything to do (Jovie was napping) and I read the back of the game board – the maze rules.

After they all had some good laughs (and destroying one or two corn branches <– are they even called that?) we moved on. I did get clever though: I asked for directions. I also waited to see if the same person comes back — dead end alert. While my map reading skill and sense of direction was at zero I felt slightly less useless. By this time the little people (except Jovie) was getting tired and slowly but surely we made our way out. By the time we got to the straight path (almost close to the exit) I figured out where we were on the map (pathetic I know) and in minutes I could hear the girls (I let them go ahead because there was no more turns) scream: YEA, WE MADE IT OUT!!! They sounded like stranded folks who are about to be rescued from a deserted island after being stranded for 90 days!

That’s my story and I hope you all are having a wonderful weekend! The card above was created using Waltzingmouse’s sketch for this week. Is a fun little sketch that can go many ways. Do play along!!

6 thoughts on “FAIL Moment

  1. Such fun patterns and colors on this one, Savitri! Love your story! I am severely challenged at “spatial relations”. My husband says that I can barely pack a suitcase. In high school, while I did quite well on the language portions of a mid-year test, I scored 35/100 on a test that showed you 4 unfolded templates and you then had to “pick which box” would be the end result if you actually folded it (in your mind!) Guess that’s why I tend to stick to cards and not templates!!

  2. I love it when you share stories…such a memory you have…me? I can’t even remember what I had for dinner last night..HA!

    Love your card…the colors and mix of patterns…fantabulous.

  3. Clearly I cannot send you to a maze alone with the kids 😛 Next year I shall come along and boss everyone around (not that Eldest K gets it from me of course) but I’m super-good at maps…

  4. snickering over your fun story here! Reminds me of our years spent in the annual corn maze around here at Halloween time. 🙂
    Really adorable card! Love the strips of paper and the kraft sentiment.

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