Gymnast #2

Jovie and Daddy

How’s your Monday? It was lazy day for us. I had all these cleaning plans but my cleaning inspiration never came (actually I am not even sure if such a thing exist, cleaning inspiration, really?!?!). I did a bit but not like what I had in mind (I had an elaborate Cinderella kind of plan). Oh well. There’s still tomorrow (maybe).

It’s gymnastics day again Tuesday and while we’re at the gym I am going to sign Jovie up too for a mommy and tot class. I was going to wait until she’s three, when she can go on her own, but she’s been doing forward rolls on the bed, pulling herself up on any bar, and just bouncy in general that taking her might just be the thing she needs. Plus, it’ll be good for her to know the gym and instructors before she goes on her own next year — remember, Jovie is super clingy. If there’s space she’ll start next week. If not… guess I’ll just have to get a bigger bed…

I made another page last night. Another digi using a few pieces from Echo Park Be Mine. Such a romantic French/Paris set. Perfect for this photo because of one, Jovie’s coat color, and two, it was taken in France.

Let me share the journaling with you:

Ten years ago if somebody told me that a girl would put a girly hat on me in France I would have laughed and said, “You’re out of your mind.” But look at me now, standing helplessly while you made me wear your little hat.

Daddy has been working in France for a few weeks when you came to visit. Daddy missed you, your sister Emma and your mommy very much. Daddy was so happy that you, sis and mom came to visit for a few days. The days went by quick and daddy couldn’t wait to come home again.

I love you very much little girl and you can put your little hat on me any day.

~ Daddy

I think I need to consult with the hubby on the journaling before I print the page (I send it off to WHCC). While the verbiage was more less what hubby said to me one day I struggled a bit trying to work the grammar out. Even now it doesn’t seem right. I blame it on my English as a Second Language {::SMILES}. I do love the page though. It has a lot of white spaces and the pieces are really fun and elegant.
Hope your day was great! Until tomorrow!

One thought on “Gymnast #2

  1. What a fabulous page, Savitri! I love, love all the white space and love that sweet photo. Your design is so perfectly balanced. Love the stitched strips you used and love that little note sign. 🙂

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