Why I Craft


Why do you craft?

I was introduced to paper crafting when my friend took me to a Creative Memories workshop in 1999. First impression: NOT for me. Although I did warm up to it more over the years, I didn’t get into it until M was born. There was a reason to scrapbook after she was born and so I became a scrapbooker then card maker (I had to do something with my scraps of paper).

I’ve always blogged. I’ve had a website since 1999. They’ve all been mostly about me/us since I/we live far from our family and in 2007 I decided to add my paper craft work into the mix (and moving to this domain name). This decision changed the way I crafted. While I alway make sure my scrapbook pages were personal and meaningful my cards, or other projects, were mostly created for this blog. Don’t get me wrong. I loved creating each piece but I have no personal attachment to most of them. After getting into the paper crafting blog world I started learning about publications, DT gig, kits, manufacturers, current trends and products, folks active in the industry, etc. I also discovered different challenges and by participating I got comments. Who doesn’t like comments, right? So I actively participated in different challenges and actively commented on other’s work. There were pros and cons. The biggest con was time. The greatest pro was that the blog friends I do have now I met through those challenges (and the prizes were really nice too).

Creating for my blog wasn’t enough. Everybody was getting published it seemed and so I had to try it out. Coincidently I got published on my first try and since I was ambitious (sarcasm there) I quit trying. My goal was to get published. I got published, I could check it off my list of things I want to do, and the novelty wore off. I did get published a few more times after but they were by invitation (I think back then not too many people submit their work for publication).

Then I created to get DT gigs. Everybody I knew was in a DT and so I felt like I had to be in one… or two or three… too. Quite smug on my part in this department I think.

Time as a paper craft blogger got me wiser and while I have off days I got to the point where I have some sort of style. I then knew which company I could work with (before knowing I used to buy every stamp I liked… I didn’t realize that the blue ribbon I got in 3rd grade for a coloring contest wasn’t going to do it) and while I like looking now and then I avoid purchasing and using things that I know I cannot use (or use well).

Moving to the UK has also given me a new meaning in life. I realized that there are great things outside of this blog. There are places to see, friends to make and most importantly my family, the girls first and foremost. I now have this opportunity to be with them 100%, to be their supporter, teacher, cook, mom and my latest big gig: Chauffeur. My move has also made me a bad blogger. I quit commenting regularly on my friends’ blogs and replying to comments left on my blog.

While I still love the teams I am in and I still love to spend nights crafting, blogging has taken a back seat. Of course I can just post my project, list the materials and be done with it but I never meant for my blog to be just that. My blog is suppose to be my daily (non private) life journal that I can look back and read while sharing the crafty things I do (and to see how I progress there too). Most people don’t read anyways (if you’re one who got this far I congratulate you!) and that’s why I always put the photo of my craft project first so that photo viewers can just flip, look and move on to the next post.

So why all the rambling? A few weeks, could have been a month ago now, I came upon a site where there was a question on my ability to inspire and quality of my work. The question itself, or the person questioning, didn’t bother me any but it did make me think. Why do I craft? Why do I blog? Do I need to change? While before my lack of posting were due to having a busy life the last few weeks have been because of me questioning the purpose of my work and blog posts.

After much pondering I’ve decided to craft the same way I have been crafting and posting the same way I’ve been posting. While I know that I have a few companies I represent, I don’t want to have to feel like I have to share only my best on my blog. I figured that it’s only paper, glue, stamps, and embellishments. It’s not fixing the US deficit or saving the starving kids in Somalia. I can only hope that whatever I post makes my readers’ eyes happy. BUT if not, hey, I created, experimented and it turned out ugly. My bad. Often time I wrote on the post how I felt about the work I did. If you read you’d know I hated the color for example. If I didn’t post the card I wouldn’t be reminded (12 months from now) that using those colors was a bad idea.

I know people expect DT members to inspire and to show only their best work but every DT has off days and we’re all humans after all. I know I like trying new things and as you and I know, not all new things are for us or as cool as they seemed to be.

I craft because I love it. I blog because it’s great to click on February 2010 and see what I did that month. This is my tiny space in this very big world.


Paper, tag, embellishments and more embellishments from Jessica Sprague

11 thoughts on “Why I Craft

  1. I know I’m new to your blog, Savitri, but I really enjoy myself here. And I adore your post. So heartfelt, and I think you’ve really nailed it on the head. I’m sure a lot of us feel exactly as you do. I know I question myself, my purpose, my goals a lot on my blog, and think about the time I spend on it as opposed to other things in my life. There is a certain amount of pressure to it all, for sure. But overall, I feel just as you do….I craft for the fun and pleasure of it, and my blog is the only journal I keep. The good, the bad, and the ugly, all in one spot. 🙂
    Your layout is adorable. Love those photos, and love all the circle elements. I hardly ever use circles, and am so attracted to those that can use them well, like you have.

  2. Are you saying that someone blogged specifically {negatively} about the quality of your work? I’m absolutely floored at the idea and sorry to hear it if I’m reading correctly.

    Like Audrey, I love your blog. The prominence of blogging in my life varies greatly so I don’t always take time to read, but every time I read yours I’m uplifted. I appreciate your approach and your honesty. I think your work is stunning. Including things that you’re not 100% satisfied with helps knock down the facade that everything is always peaches and roses—personally I think that’s more valuable than creating a false image that no one really lives up to anyway.

    As much as I adore your work, it’s your personality that has really engaged me. Thank you for sharing and for brightening your tiny space in the world.

  3. i love your blog…I love your style, crafting…blogging and well, savitri style. I know that we’d get along fabulously…

    I can’t believe someone questioned your ability to inspire and quality of your work…that’s wrong. What’s the matter with people…good grief.

  4. Your blog is one of my favorites. I think you should do what feels right for you. I like seeing your mistakes and experiments. We can all learn from them. It just shows you are not perfect, as none of us are. Keep on blogging just the way you are doing. If someone isn’t inspired, they don’t have to read your blog!!

  5. Hi Savitri! I look forward to reading your blog for the stories of the adventures of your family and also to see the projects you create. I appreciate each and every project you post whether I “love” it or whether I think its okay but not my style (not very often!) I realize the time and effort you put into your creations and I am thankful that you share your creativity and also your darling little girls! Thanks!

  6. Super pretty layout! The two little deer at the bottom is precious! Sweet photos! I LOVE all of your reasons for crafting and for representing your lifestyle the way you do! You are doing nothing wrong, blogging is how ‘we’ as crafters want it to be, whether we invest time in it a little or a lot or whether we choose to be on a DT or not…what we ‘choose’ to do should never be criticized by others…your talent is wonderful and I enjoy coming here, even if it’s for a brief moment…I still love to see what you create!

  7. I’m with ya, girl! Blog because you enjoy it and blog about what you love and people will enjoy the journey with you! I totally understand how moving countries can change your focus and really make you evaluate your life and your priorities. I know my blog has gone through a lot of changes as we have transitioned into a new life and it will probably continue to do so. If others want to follow our crazy adventures, then I’m honored to have them along, but I cannot pretend to be anything other than what i am am, you know?

    Oh, and your page is gorgeous!! I love your style!!

  8. Yours is one of the blogs I always read. Not only are you talented in your projects but you weave a compelling and interesting story of your family life. Some people show their jealousy by being miserable. I’m glad you’ve decided to go ahead and not let someone slow your talent.

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