Happy Saturday! Have a little tag for you today! It’s inspired by Waltzingmouse’s sketch for this week and I had a lot of fun making it. While I think a lighter ink would make the background stamping better, the tag turned out alright and at the end I love it (and looking at it again this morning I still do). That’s what matters, right?

I have been having a lot of great fun here. I’ve been socializing more and making great local friends. At every place I’ve lived in I’ve managed to make some great friends but getting to know a handful of people all at once, especially those my age with kids, are rare for me. These gals have given me many laughs and it’s been awesome.

I wish I could have met more of my bloggy friends while in the US or lived closer to them. I know that I could have gotten a long splendidly with many of you!! I am very glad that I got to met Clouds in person before I left for the UK. We’re still great friends an it’s so fun to Skype crop now and then.

I mentioned that I have a hard time making friends. I can make acquaintances just fine but good friends are a tad bit harder just cause I don’t watch TV and so we can’t talk about TV/pop culture for example. I am an educator at heart and I tend to do better with those in it or have passion for it. I love following the news, more left than right in my views and while I am open minded I don’t like having long talks with those who aren’t. Call me picky but as I get older I like to spend my time with those who makes me all around happy.

Ok, gotta go gymnastics. I’ll post more later!

7 thoughts on “Friendship

  1. Savatiri your tag is `beautiful` I love the mix of stamps pom-pom and pretty flowers..It`s always a delight to pop over and catch up with all your beautiful creations..I bet your a great friend to be around:)
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend;) xxx

  2. I cannot even imagine, hilarious and gregarious little you having a hard time making friends, but I hear you about the “depth” of friendship, and in my experience, it does take years to get there – but BLOG FRIENDS MAKE deep roots, too! HA! And this world, gets smaller by the minute! GLAD you are having fun, regardless. AND LET’S NOT DIMINISH the crafty fun – MY GOODNESS! This tag is stupendous! I’m mesmerized by the magic of its mood… LOVELY, my dear! ENJOY the day!

  3. oh, such a lovely tag, luv luv the flower and the sentiment! Yes, well you are picky! 😀 And you got to meet me not by first choice, but bec I insisted, hehe 🙂 I disagree w/u, you are fun to be around and ARE funny, I’m sure yer circle of friends will grow a lot, even in the UK! And I’m sure you’ve got a lot more to talk to than TV/pop culture, I for one have a big TV (Scott wanted it so!) and we talked-talked-talked 🙂

    C 🙂

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