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Went to the Science Museum for the first time in good old London and we had a fantastic time. Since hubby likes to take things in, we split up. It worked out great because there are so many interactive things that kids can do at the Science Museum while hubby can go his pace looking at things he’s interested in (like airplanes, machines, etc.). Jovie’s favorite was probably the “Garden” located in the basement. Reason being: A water learn + play area. Every kid had a little waterproof cover on and while most kids stayed dried, Jovie was wet. So wet that I had to wring her dress. She had a fabulous time though and M did too. Nap time came and hubby kept Jovie (she was napping in her stroller) while M and I went off to the “Launchpad” on the 3rd floor. We had soooo much fun there while learning lots. The two live shows, Structures and Explosions, were very fun and educational to watch. We still have three more places to go to where kids (and adults… I saw a whole group of adults around the circuit boards) can do hands-on activities. We’ll go next time! I love London’s museums. So many great ones and most are free!!

Then I have a few digital projects using Jessica Sprague‘s pieces (notice how I am loving white backgrounds? {::SMILES}).


A simple little “love” page using goodies from Carina Gardner Fresh Picked: Summer Floral and Pattern Paper. Love watching these two girls together!


I love this photo of Jovie refusing to leave our post office. To give the photo a bit of an edge, I used Jodie Lee’s texture and frame for this photo.

Rock Picking

Jovie’s favorite thing to do when we are in the driveway: Rock picking.

Created using lovelies from Jodie Lee:

French Flower Brushes
Steam Punk Brushes
Botanique Brushes

Cosmo Cricket Circa 1934 coming soon

Splendid Finn Office Tape + StaplesGraph paper.

Ok, tata for now! More later!!

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