Jovie’s Belated

Flower Girl

Well, my baby girl is officially 2… almost a month later… While we did celebrate when we were driving around France it didn’t feel right, a small cupcake in a hotel room after dinner wasn’t enough I thought. So today we did a little happy belated party. It wasn’t anything big. On some Thursdays M has her friends over. Since we see them often (between school, ballet and gymnastics), these girls have become Jovie’s best buds. When the girls are here I usually give them a little snack anyways so the only difference was the cake (which was BEAUTIFUL), good bags, and balloons (which is one of Jovie’s most favorite things).

Let me share a few photos from today besides a few more digital scrappy pages that I made for Jessica Sprague!

The cake!! I was quite ecstatic about the cake. The girls’ mum, a great friend of ours too, made this. She doesn’t do this for a living but goodness, shouldn’t she?!?! Everybody said that fondant’s not tasty but oh my, this one was!!! Great tasting cake and awesome looking too! I am going to pay her to make me a Mad Hatter cake, HA!!

Jovie's Cake

Another view.

Jovie's Cake

Then here’s a series of Jovie with her cake. Her attempt to blow, her clapping proudly for blowing, and her carefully eating the cake.




She was so happy with the whole ordeal and we’re very glad we’ve made some great friends here in our little village!!! Very memorable day it was!

There here are more pages that I did for different manufacturer at Jessica Sprague’s store. This one below I created using Jessica’s template and gorgeous The Office paper by Splendid Finn.

Jessica Sprague Template

Then here’s M itching. I love her look. She wasn’t happy when I took the photo but I love how the picture turned out. I used some new gorgeous goodies from In The Making Design: Valpolicella (coming soon!) and a kit that was create for March 2011 Jessica Sprague Digital Design Class.

The Itch

Then I have this fun one using pieces from Cosmo Cricket’s Jack’s World Candy Candy and Salt Air Paper (coming soon!).

7th Birthday

That’s it and oh, the first page was created using Jessica Sprague’s Collab kit from the March 2011 Art of Digital Design class.

Have a great one!!

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