Tut: Pinterest Pin It Using iPod/iPad/iPhone

This is a tutorial on how to install the Pinterest “Pin It” bookmarklet on your iPad (iPhone/Pod) Safari web browser.

What is Pinterest? It’s an organizational tool that lets you share all the pretty findings with all Pinterest members (who follows you). It’s really fun and I use mine to gather ideas for my current and future home decorating needs, travel ideas, color combos, things I want to buy for myself or the family, etc. Very fun and if not careful can take up a lot of your precious time!

The last few months I haven’t been pinning much. Long story but basically I’ve been without a laptop and when I do sit in front of a computer (desktop) it has been to either grade, learn/research, edit pics and blog. Just not comfy sitting on this chair of mine. A few weeks ago I picked up a new toy and between the apps and me messing around with the iPad I found that I can do this: Pinning directly from Safari on to Pinterest. No apps needed. I like this better than using the app (the app doesn’t let me pin new things). Because of this I’ve been regularly pinning again.

So how do you do it? Well first, if you have any sort of iDevice (iPod, iPhone or iPad) with Safari installed and JavaScript enabled (you go into your Safari Settings to check this and to turn it on/off — you NEED this ON) you can do this little trick. If you are on a different operating system this method should work IF the browser supports JavaScript and has a regular browser bookmarking feature (not the one that shows up on another page). I learned this method from Read it Later‘s how to install a bookmarklet tutorial. After successfully adding the bookmarklet my little brain went: Ooooh, if I can do this for Read it Later I should be able to do it for all other bookmarklet. After some Googling I found Pinterest’s blog and yup, they said you can.

If you’re interested and have an iDevice whip it out and follow these steps.

Oh, before we get started, make sure that you browse to my blog post first using your iDevice so that you can copy the below (we’ll paste in a little bit!) – for iPod/iPhone users, switch to horizontal view, easier to copy the whole code this way:


VERY important that you do!

Open up Safari web browser and bookmark any page… pinterest.com if you have nothing in mind.

Pinning to Pinterest via Safari

Click the little bookmark icon (open book image) and you should see the below:

Pinning to Pinterest via Safari

When I took a screen capture of the above I have already changed the name of pinterest.com to “Pin It” so yours might be different than mine. But this is ok!! We’ll get to this in a bit!

The next step is to click the Edit button. See the word “Edit” to the right of the word “Bookmarks” at the very top of the drop down after you click on the bookmark icon? That’s it, click that Edit button!

Once you click Edit you will see the below (note, I did a new bookmark and now have a Pinterest/Home bookmark):

Pinning to Pinterest via Safari

NOTE: Don’t click the red icons to the left, you will delete the bookmark!

See where I circled? The arrow pointing right next to Pinterest/Home? Click on that now! The below is what you’ll see after you click:

Pinning to Pinterest via Safari

Now, do you see where the URL is? the http://pinterest.com? Delete that! You’ll then have this image below:

Pinning to Pinterest via Safari

Here’s the important part, after you delete the URL you want to copy and paste the JavaScript that you copied before you started this tutorial (if you haven’t, you need to do this in your iDevice before continuing on, see script below).

NOTE: If you can’t copy the whole script, extend your copy area by dragging the little dots to the left and right of the word “copy”. Once you have selected the whole script click the blue copy. Then you can later paste.


MORE NOTE: Make sure you do not leave anything out. Copy from the word “javascript” on to the last “;”.

Paste this in to the “Address” so that your bookmark looks like this:

Pinterest Pinning on Mobile Safari

At this point you can also change the name… that Pinterest/Home… to whatever you want. I went with “Pin It” for mine. It’s up to you, it’s not important as long as you know what it is.

After you’re all done, click on the “Bookmarks” button on the top left there and you’re all done!

Test it out!!

To pin, you want to go to the page that has the image you want to pin. I’ll use my blog for this example! So here I am on my blog and to pin I just click on the Bookmarks icon and click “Pin It” (remember, I renamed mine after I paste the JavaScript).

Pinterest Pinning on Mobile Safari

After clicking Pin It, I got the below:

Pinterest Pinning on Mobile Safari

Using my handy dandy clicker, aka the finger, I selected an image and Pinterest took me to this:

Pinterest Pinning on Mobile SafariNow, this is the trickiest part… if you have multiple boards it’s a bit tricky to scroll. You need to use your two fingers to move the board names up and now. You’ll have to try it to see what I am talking about. One finger scrolling isn’t going to do it.

That’s that! So have fun and if you need an invite, let me know. I still have a few more. I thought I’ve used all mine up!

Another UPDATE, Jan 27′ 12, iPad owners only:

I forgot to add the how-to add the Pinterest bookmark to your Safari Bookmark bar. This is the bar on top of your browser so that you don’t have to always have to click your Bookmark icon first. To do this, you need to

Go back to your Settings, the Safari Settings, and make sure that “Always Show Bookmark Bars” is ON.


Go back to Safari and you should now have a bookmark bar (see where it shows my Pinterest/Home, Diigo Save and Read It Later?)

Bookmark Bar iPad

To add content to your bookmark bar you need to do the following

Click on the “Bookmark” icon again until you see the below and click “Edit”. Notice the “Bookmarks Bar” folder too. Each time you do the process that we will be doing in a little bit, your bookmark will then be moved into this “Bookmarks Bar” folder.

Bookmark Bar

Click the arrow to the right

Bookmark Bar

And you’ll get the window below. On the screen capture example below, I have already changed mine to “Bookmark Bar” but if you click on the arrow to the right of that, you’ll open up another window and in there click “Bookmark Bars”.

Bookmark Bar

That’s it! Go back to your Safari and you now have the Pinterest Pin It button right on top of your Safari. Which means, Pinning is just that much quicker (and later hate yourself for wasting more time online, Pinning, then you intended).

Take care and let me know if there are any other issues or request. I try to reply to each one of them.


209 thoughts on “Tut: Pinterest Pin It Using iPod/iPad/iPhone

  1. Brilliant tutorial! Very clear instructions, finally I can pin from my Ipad Thanks for taking the time!

    1. Thank you so much, I have been desperate to pin on my iPad, your tutorial was easy leash and I can now did it! Thanks!

      1. Thanks! I just helped my Mother-In-Law do interest on her iPad and I especially appreciated the screen shots.

    2. Thank you so much for the detailed steps to be able to pin with an iPad! What a great help, it works! Thanks again and happy blogging! Jennifer

    3. You are my hero!!! I found your tutorial on Pinterest today and almost cried!!! Thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!!

    4. It worked. It doesn’t post the link back to the website the pin came from though πŸ™ I have to copy the URL after I pin it and go back to the pin and edit to add the URL. It just says uploaded by user with NO LINK. Any idea how to fix this?

      1. I’ve been pinning all day and my link stays with the images. You can see my account: http://www.pinterest.com/scwilder. Look at the Party Ideas board and those are last night’s and today’s pins using the iPad. Are you using an iPad/Phone/Pod? What version?

      2. Okay – I’m using an ipad2. I think the problem is that I have the Pinterest app and when I click the bookmark it lets me choose the image in Safari and then launches the pinkest app. I just need to close the Pinterest app and go back Safari to complete the pin. With they’d make a quality Pinterest app for iPad!!! πŸ™‚ thanks again.

      3. I also am getting the mobile ap with this bookmark. I escape out of it and go back to the safari page and the Internet version is up on that site.
        I’m looking thru these posts to see if anyone found a fix for that.

        Thanks so much for this tutorial.

    5. Great tutorial… Works like a charm!!!!!!!!!!
      I added my bookmark to the bar and can now pin away.
      You are brilliant, where did you acquire such knowledge?

      1. Glad it worked!! As for my knowledge… Before we moved to England 2yrs ago I was a web developer and software researcher + trainer. I have a Masters degree in technology. It was my job to figure things, like the Pinterest-iPad deal, use the info on other app/software, and train if it’s any use to the university faculty and/staff. I trained and made many step-by-step handouts or video tutorials for many adults so the tut on my page was nothing different πŸ™‚ I had fun making it, my geek meter went up a notch from the process and made me miss my job.

    6. YOU ROCK!!!! I have spent so many days and hours and months trying to do the pin it thing and even wrote to the Pinterest people and got NO reply what so ever. Thank you so much – the step by step helped me. Thank you thank you thank you – now my iPad2 is much better.

    7. Thank you for that easy for dummies like me,guide to pin it button.
      It works on my iPad brilliantly,well done.
      “Be good, or be good at it”

  2. Did you know that if you save that to the “bookmark bar” then it will be right under the URL bar while you are surfing and you can just tap it any time!

    1. THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! I was so frustrated that I couldnt use my iPad to pin. Usually the only time I have to surf the web is at night right before bed. When I purchased my iPad, I was so excited that I might finally get to relax prior to going to sleep and enjoy surfing & pinning. I was so disappointed when I realized I could surf but not pin. Finding this tutorial has made my day!!!!

      In ref to Stacey’s comment, are you saying can add the Pin It button so it shows up under the URL Bar on iPad? I tried and must being doing something wrong. Do you have a tutorial for this you can direct me to? I’m like a small child when it comes to this stuff, I need pics LOL.

      1. Oh my, I figured it out. It does work. It doesn’t show up until I clicked in the search portion of bar but AWESOME!

  3. Thank you so much! You are my hero! I have been wanting to pin from my iPad for so long and never could figure it out. Your instructions were so easy to follow.

    I *love* you!

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  7. Thanks for taking the time to do this for all of us!
    I thought I was only going to be able to Pin It on my laptop and now I can on the iPad
    (which I am always on) : )
    Much appreciated

  8. Thank you for your clear instructions. But do you know how I can pin it when I have my mag subscription apps (outside of safari) on iPad?? Many thanks.

  9. I cannot copy the entire java script on my iPhone! Where can I find it elsewhere/typed without breaks?
    Thanks!!! Can’t wait to pin on safari :-).

    1. There have been iPhone users after your comment that have been successful in installing the script. My only suggestion is to try again.

  10. Thank you for this!!! It just worked on my iPhone and I’ve been putting off getting an iPad because I didn’t think this was possible!


  11. Thanks! I can’t wait to try this!! One thing I can not figure out though…when pinning something (say a repin) I can’t access all of my boards. I only can see maybe 6 of my 10 boards. Any idea how to scroll? I’ve tried 1 finger, 2 fingers and shaking my iPad like an etch a sketch…I can’t figure it out!

  12. Hi there, followed your great instructions on my iPhone, but now when I try to click “pin it” in my bookmarks tab I get an error message- “the URL can not be shown”.
    I made sure JavaScript was enabled in my safari preferences…. Any ideas? Thanks!

    1. If you are reading this from your phone/iPad/iTouch, you need to actually read this post from Safari to be able to follow all the steps correctly.

  13. Thank you. I struggled for weeks with the whole pin it bookmark on my iPad. In less than 10 minutes I found your tutorial and followed your easy steps…. Wall-la! You rock! Thank you!

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  25. I followed the directions and I know the pasted URL is correct but when I enter Pin it from the bookmarks the page comes up with the image but when I click pin it.. I then get an error that says Safari can not open this page because the address is invalid” it then just shows the box where the image should be with a small blue block with a question mark in it and there’s nothin to pin… Have you ever seen that happen before… Any help is appreciated ive been trying to do this for hours.. The instructions were not complicated so I can’t figure out what’s wrong. Any help is appreciated.
    Thank you

    1. This only happens when you’re not logged in to Pinterest. Log in first and then try again. Should work. I do this all the time πŸ™‚

      1. I also get this, and I am also logged in.

        This is the URL I added


  26. Not for iPhone!!
    Kept wondering why this wasn’t working on my iPhone, then I went to the Pinterest blog link at the top of this post and it states before the directions: “Did you know that you can already use the Pinterest bookmarklet to pin while surfing the web on your iPad (not iPhone, yet)?”

  27. It works! Easy to follow instructions. I like the screenshots. I pinned your instructions on my board.

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    However, did you know that in the settings section of the iPad you can also turn on your bookmark bar? If you turn on your bookmark bar, you don’t have to pin through the drop down menu of the open book icon! Just as easy as making sure java is enabled!


  32. Thanks so much for this :)) Was able to follow your super tutorial and can now pin on my iPhone πŸ™‚ Any tutorial instructions on how to be able to add a pin it bookmark directly on screen, don’t mind having to keep going into my bookmarks and pin via there would justness it even better if could direct pin it if you know what I mean. Thanks again x

  33. Ah just seen is a tutorial for iPad owners, guess you can’t add bookmark thingy on iPhone, as mentioned don’t mind going to bookmarks and then choosing pin it from there, just as easy I guess. Also I seem to be using my pinterest app to do all my pining, just looked in safari and pinterest is in mobile version but can pin away quite happily, not sure what I did but as long as I can pin via iPhone thanks to you, am a happy bunny πŸ™‚

  34. You’re awesome! I’ve been messing around with this forever. I’m familiar with how to add a bookmarklet from adding the Read Later button on my iPad. However, the code I copied and pasted from previous sites didn’t work. Yours was laid out much clearer than the others, more important, you had the whole code! Ittook all of 10 seconds. Copy, paste, done. Thanks again!

  35. This is exactly what I need but I can’t seem to figure out how to copy the script. The text doesn’t show up live and I cannot find it on your blog. I began to key it in manually and I was almost to the end when I accidentally hit the x and deleted what I had typed! Can you please post a link to the script that can be copy/pasted. Thank you!

  36. i followed the directions… the only issue i’m having is that when i click on the picture i want to pin, it takes me to the APP and says “cannot pin this”… not sure why it won’t just stay in safari to choose the board i want to pin it to… does that make sense??? can you help me out??

  37. I did this a few days ago and it worked perfectly. Now suddenly today it’s not working. I have tried repeatedly and have deleted the script and repasted it a number of times and nothing works. I can pin things but they don’t link to anything anymore. Please please please help me…I really need to pin. Thanks :((

  38. Thank you so much! For months now I’ve been using pinterest on iPad, with no clue how to install pin it button. This was very easy to follow. πŸ™‚
    Ps. Also thank you for noting the 2 fingers to scroll, I always had so much trouble.

    1. THANK YOU! I have been trying to get this to work and your instructions were such that even I could follow!! Now I can have fun and not just pepin what everyone else pins! Thanks again from an older lady that is not very tech savvy!,

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  40. OMG. I have never been so happy as to find these instructions!! I LOVE my iPad, but pinning anything to Pinterest was almost too painful to bear. The only thing I couldn’t do was copy the javascript URL from my iPad – I had to go to my desktop computer and go to your blog and copy and paste the javascript URL into an email message which I then emailed to myself. Then when I needed to copy the URL into Safari like instructed, I just opened my email and copied it from there. Other than that, it worked like a charm. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  41. Hi, does this work on the ipad 1? I dont have the edit button on my bookmarks, so cannot paste the java script. πŸ™

      1. I have an ipad1
        there is an edit button
        and THANK YOU!!! I can now n from websites following ur steps!!
        will now search if u have anything to say about uploading photos from iPad.

  42. Just had to add my thanks. Your instructions were so complete that there was no frustration. I love when that happens! So, what can you know about responsive design?!? πŸ™‚

    1. I feel like such a dummy, but I’ve tried this now 8 times and I always have the same result. When I go to paste the java script, I hit paste and what appears it the line I deleted. I’m new to an iPad so maybe I’m “deleting” incorrectly? I don’t know anyway to delete except to cut. Any advise you can offer me would be greatly appreciated!

      1. Salvitri, you are indeed a savior and an expert teacher! Thank you so much for emailing me. I backed it out per you instruction, then pasted and got the button! Perfect timing too because my laptop is under the weather so I am doing it all on my iPad. Again, thank you so much!

  43. Thank you!!!!! So frustrating not to be able to pin from my iPad! I tried different instructions and nothing worked. Really, thank you for taking the time. These instructions are rest! And it works!!

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  45. You seem to know what you’re talking about- I cannot for the life of me figure out how to get the Pin It button dragged to my bookmarks on my macbook. I can add anything else as a bookmark and it works just find- I’ve reached out to Pinterest and they won’t respond back with any help! I’m SOOOOO close to giving up and not continuing with this company. I’m beyond frustrated. Can you help???

    1. Thank you so much for this incredibly helpful tutorial. I am going to have so much fun with this on the ipad!

  46. I am using an iPod touch 2g and don’t have an option in my safari settings to “always show bookmark bars” Am I out of luck? I’ve tried following the tutorial but when I see something that I’d like to pin and tap the bookmark icon at the bottom of my screen and choose the pin it bookmark I just get taken to the pinterest site, away from whatever I was browsing. My screens look different from yours in that your bookmark menu is like a drop down from the top but if I tap bookmarks I get a whole new screen. Any suggestions?

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  48. My hubby just bought me an ipad2 over the weekend and the first thing I was working with was Pinterest! I couldn’t get the “pin it” drag to the bookmark bar to work…and thought maybe I was not smart enough for the ipad. πŸ™ Thanks for the tutorial, it was perfect. And just so you know, you’re the first one I pinned on my new “tech tips” board!!!

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    1. Thank your so much ! U made my day really.. But the only thing is that it’s not scrolling I tried two fingers and it’s not working, πŸ™

  51. I’m sorry to say but this ‘how to’ posting is so colloquial that its virtually gibberish. So, I shall regoogle this and learn elsewhere.

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    1. I used the same method for Delicious, and it worked!

      Code is

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  59. Thank you so much! This is SO helpful! I appreciate your time in figuring it out and writing the post for others!

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