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It’s been ages it seems since I had a relaxing day. It was so nice to just sit and read while Jovie napped. The poor girl starting sniffling earlier today and by sleep time she had a full blown broken faucet kind of nose run. If you have or have had kids this age you know how gross it can get!

Today I just want to share photos of our trip to Beaune. Beaune is a GORGEOUS small town south of Dijon (where Dijon mustard came from). Despite it’s size, Beaune is the capital of Burgundy (or as the french would call it: Bourgogne) Wines. While I prefer wine over beer I am not a wine expert and I can’t comment on the quality/flavor. But, since it’s so well known, I can only assume that Beaune has got some kick ass wine! {::SMILES}.

I didn’t know that Beaune existed until my friend recommended it to me. She said I’d love it there. Sure enough, I did and was a bit disappointed that I didn’t plan on staying longer (I booked a B&B for the next night already elsewhere). We only stayed for a few hours, for dinner and a stroll, but the little bit of time there made me want to go back with hubby and stay at least a week to explore more of the town and the surrounding. While I thought southern France was just stunningly beautiful, there’s something about the Bourgogne area that’s just enchanting. I felt like it was whispering for me to stay. The little bit of country side driving and the few places we stopped at made me very happy and at home.

Well, let me share some info on the photos…

The top, well, that’s just one of my gorgeous models whom I caught looking adorable (AND not snotty).

Then from left to right…

  1. The cobblestone road that I drove myself on. The roads are tiny and so you really need to pay attention to the signs. They’re all one way roads you see.
  2. The front of Hotel-Dieu. I wish we were there earlier so that we could see the inside. It’s gorgeous as you can see on the link above.
  3. The one out of many restaurants. One thing I love about French eating is the street dining in fine weather. The hustle and bustle of dinnerware, silverware, and chit-chats. I know it’s not a French thing but I always associate eating outside that way with France. It’s one of my favorite thing to do and the girls and I spent a lot of lunches and dinners out this way.
  4. The central of town with shops on the left and right.
  5. A walk way that takes you to homes and hotels.
  6. Another part of town. I love the architecture. So grand for a little town (less than 25K folks I think).
  7. The Notre Dame church — not THE one.
  8. Jovie running away from me. This was the view from the church.
  9. An alley way. I have a thing for small roads and alleys. Also doors and windows. Old ones.
  10. One of the shops. A kitchen shop. See all the copperware inside? Then the little Le Creuset coccote?
  11. That was the Italian place we ate at. I had some escargot. I had escargot at each restaurant that sold it. HA!

Well, that’s it. Ta ta for now!

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