Why I am SOOO Tired!


WARNING: DO NOT watch if you have a migraine or have the tendency to get one. This one is hazardous to your health!!

See? There’s definitely something wrong with this one! {::SMILES} A 180 degrees difference than Miss M. This little Energizer bunny throws fits too. She does the rolling around on the floor when upset. She pouts when she doesn’t get her way and her feelings get oh so hurt when we scold her.

Going to bed to recharge my energy! Oh, I should have asked her to courtesy.

3 thoughts on “Why I am SOOO Tired!

  1. I swear our kids are such reflections of each other! That’s EXACTLY what Sie does. Whether we’re at the beach or in Target, there’s like this invisible electric fence around him! He’ll run off but just loops back to me in a big ol’ circle…and repeats! Lol… That Jovi is a DOLL! I hope she gives you some time to re-up your energy! 🙂 Does she bug M a lot? We’re in that phase right now and it’s making me pull my hair out!

    Thanks for sharing this! 🙂

  2. Little Miss has got to be the same age as my Adina, because that’s my life! Maybe we should get them together so they can run off all that energy together… LOL! My hubby’s away all week, and I’m exhausted, too!

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