Been Away

Us Girls

Driving around Bruges, Belgium and all the way down to Gordes in Southern France with just the two sweet girls. My second road trip with the girls sans husband. We’ve been gone since last Saturday and just got back earlier this evening.

I’ve always wanted to drive through France and since I figured gas isn’t going any lower I should go now. Plus, since I’ve been working from home, I haven’t used up a lot of my gas quota and decided to use all of my share in one go <– I come up with the craziest ideas to justify my spending/action {::SMILES}.

While we had a great time it could have been better if it didn’t rain half the time we were in France so we had to cut the sight-seeing short. During the rainy days M and Jovie would play while I bond with this little piece + Jane Eyre:


I got some great photos of the girls and the few places we visited when it wasn’t rainy. The below are not the best quality photos (low light and I had no tripod) but I love them still. Emma looked her sweet (and serious) self.


The most tiring part was chasing the girl up front around. Good gosh!! She turned two on the 4th and thus the little trip… not that she cared, HA!

The girls

Where’s hubby? Working! It was M’s school break and I thought that she needed a field trip to France (it was the best excuse I could come up with!!).

The very first photo was our last day in France. We were at the Ibis hotel in the center of Arras. Excuse my crazy hair. It was the result of not running a flat iron to it and the wind.

All in all we had a fabulous time and can’t wait until the next time when hubby can go… we’ll rent a cottage next time and stay in one place for a week like usual {::SMILES}.

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    1. What a shame you had bad weather you were really out of luck as it’s been really warm (even hot 34°C) in some parts of France since the end of March, we’ve just had some rain during these last 10 days. Apparently it was really hot in Paris this WE (I live beside Lyon)

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