Felbrigg Hall, Norfolk

Felbrigg Hall

Hiya!! I have a few travel photos that I want to share with you all. This set was from our trip to Norfolk a few weekends ago. On our way to the beach we stopped at this old house maintained by the National Trust, Felbrigg Hall, and while I couldn’t get a photo of the outside, under maintenance, the inside was just beautiful. I think of all the old places I’ve seen this is my favorite. The house isn’t big compared to the many we’ve seen but was well decorated and if I had that much money I really wouldn’t need anything bigger than this! While richly decorated the house was very cozy. Loved it!!

You can browse through the gallery below. The above is also in the gallery but I wanted to highlight above because there’s a neat story behind it. See those two pink screens right in front of the fireplace (there’s a decorative embroidery piece in between the two). From our little visit we learned that the pink screens were placed in front of the women’s face. Back in the days the women wore very thick make-up and the screen helped to not melt the make-up off the women’s face. Interesting, huh? I thought so!

If you’ve been visiting my blog you’d have noticed the other National Trust home that we visited, Blickling Hall. These two home were from the same era and so like Blickling Hall, Felbrigg also has a Chinese room and the odd pointy ceiling.

I love the kitchen too! I haven’t gone to too many kitchens and this one was nice. I absolutely loved all the pots and pans. Copper – SHINY copper! Delish!!! I wish my kitchen wall looks like this! {::SMILES}.

Like many NT sites this house has a huge garden/park area and dogs are welcomed. The cafe, while simple, was pretty good and filling. We enjoyed our lunch here – it was beautiful too and felt so nice sitting outside.

Can you feel the richness of the home? I love all the colors in there. The owners did a great job of decorating it back in the days!

Have a great one and I’ll share some projects on the next post!

2 thoughts on “Felbrigg Hall, Norfolk

  1. wow! These are lovely! Thanks for sharing it:) You are so lucky, u get to see such a beautiful places…and i am lucky to have a blog friend like u!:)

  2. hi ya… lovely pics of Felbrigg Hall, though I cant imagine living in one.. everything looks so luxurious, I couldnt bear to touch.. lovely indeed 🙂

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