Mock Wedding

Brighter and Sweeter

Yesterday we had a little bit of fun at M’s school. The royal wedding has inspired her school to do a wedding at school and through random drawing M got the bride’s maid part. I got a little part too. The organizer asked me to be the official (adult) photographer. Keep in mind that I have never done a wedding before and while it wasn’t real it was a lot of work! Goodness!! All the moments that one has to capture — moments that cannot be slowed down or rewinded you know. Unfortunately I will not be able to share any of the photos. The reason I am sharing the below is because Jovie’s the only clear image.

The wedding also inspired this All Eyes on Fabric by WPlus9. I based the feel of my card from this:

Jovie Party Crasher

I know the colors aren’t exactly the same but for some reason this photo helped me create the above card.

The photo was Jovie. She wasn’t invited by the way. But, since I had to bring her to take the reception photos (I had a friend watch her during the church ceremony) the teachers got her a plate and helped cut her food up. So there’s my little wedding crasher waiting patiently for her food to be ready. Amazingly she ate quite a bit too!! She had so much fun yesterday!

My card’s very simple. Almost two years ago or maybe less I bought some scrap fabric from Etsy. I made M an apron from it and that’s it. The stash I bought has all sorts of pretty designer fabric and always wish I can use it more. Very glad that there’s this challenge so that I can use up some of the pretties. Ok, I didn’t use a lot but I used them. This card was very easy to make. I didn’t even measure the squares. I just used a fabric pinking scissors and eye-balled.

Easy peasy!! Ok, gotta go. I’ll post more later. I will be very busy the next few weeks though but do plan on blogging soon! Laters!!

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  1. So beautiful, Savitri! LOVE your use of white space with those bright, happy colors! And such a perfect way to tie in that sweet sentiment! LOVE that photo of your little ones, too! Absolutely gorgeous!

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