Two Words


Hiya!! Jovie is almost two and she’s still the one word wonder (she says “all done” but the pediatrician said that’s considered one word for babies/toddlers) until a few days ago. Besides “all done” she now can say “shut up”! Whoohoo (hear the sarcasm there?)!!!

Totally my fault. I told the dogs to shut up and two second after I said it mini me said it… repeatedly… I couldn’t get her to shut up actually. URGH!! So I am not in the process to undo that learning.

It’s been ages it seems since the last color cue from WPlus9, huh? I miss it and this month Dawn has some sweet color combos to go by!!

Color Cue 15Pretty, huh?

Here’s a little side view. Again another clean and simple card. I used a background stamp: Design Basic II, for the left stamping, some paper that went through a  couple border punches, ribbon, burlap, button and sentiment: Ever After. I glued randomly here and there on the burlap but the bottom corner. I like how it folds up this way.


Don’t forget to see what the other gals did! All great projects!!

11 thoughts on “Two Words

  1. I cannot believe that she is almost two already! My boys didn’t hardly speak until they were both right at 2.5. Landon still doesn’t say a whole lot, but he’s getting there. I’m sure she is just saving it all up until one day when it all just spills out! Love your card too, BTW! I have been such a bad blog friend since we moved to Denmark. I hardly have any time anymore!

  2. Love the crisp and clean design Savitri. The burlap is perfect. I agree on the free corner as well, it adds just a touch of rustic.

    It took Carter forever to start talking and now he won’t shut up. LOL I remember when he heard the word “ass” in a parody song, he was like a parrot…all day and all night.

  3. Cute card – that burlap is the perfect textural layer.
    What a sweetie Jovie is. Now you know, you will hardly be able to keep her quiet, especially with a vocab like that! Hehe 😉
    Hugs, Ruth S

  4. This is so pretty! I love the bit of burlap that you’ve used…it adds so much texture to the card!! Loving the twill as well! Great job with the colors!!

  5. My boy wasn’t much of a talker when he was a toddler..I wonder if that is common for 2nd born? This where I insert that the boy doesn’t stay quiet for any amount of time now..but I love him to pieces.

    Love all the texture on your card…pretty colors…I gotta play:)

  6. Such a beautiful and serene card Savitri! Makes me want to lay in a hammock and tell the whole world to *shut up* LOL yeah…those crazy lil sponges repeat everything!

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