Time Needs to Slow Down!

Time Flies

It’s almost the end of the month. Nooooo!! I still have a lot of stuff to finish! Then once it hits May it’ll just be one more month before Jovie turns two. NO NO NO! I don’t want her or M to grow up anymore. I wanted M to stay little but she didn’t listen. Jovie’s better at being little than M but everyday she gets a little less baby-ish.

I really haven’t crafted much. M have been out of school for two weeks. She just went back today but this Friday-Monday is a long weekend here due to two holidays, Friday the royal wedding and Monday an already schedule UK holiday. Oh, if you’re wondering, no, we’re not going to the wedding and since we have no TV we’re not watching it either. I’m sure I’ll catch it later when I go to CNN to read the news. I’d be interested to see the dress but that’s pretty much it. I love fashion. Anyhow, due to M’s school break I’ve been focusing on the girls. Like I said I’ve been all sorts of places with them and by the end of the day I was just tired. So instead of crafting after the girls go to bed I’d either work (grade/answer students’ emails) or sleep.

I did though manage a few pages. I am very much loving templates right now, digital templates that is, because in a few minutes I can create a page. I’m not kidding, it took me five, maybe ten minutes, to create these layouts. So less than 30 minutes I got two put together. For these layouts I used templates from the Queen of Quirk at Jessica Sprague: Little Red Flag and Broken Column. For the pattern paper and embellishments I used pieces from Cirque Du Ciel and You Are Here. Very into simple digital layouts. While it’s fun caking on digital pieces, a layout that’s simple like these make me happy. I really love how I journal more too when I do a digital page!

Miss M

Ahhh, my two girls! Love them both!!

Oh, if you have a minute and want to get some tips on photographing your card size projects, go to this post: How to photograph your card. It’s my little contribution to the Jessica Sprague’s hybrid blog. Take care!

3 thoughts on “Time Needs to Slow Down!

  1. Oh my gosh these are such fabulous layouts and love the pictures you have used! Yes the month has flown by! Crazy but kinda glad cause the end of another school year is coming. 🙂 Amy

  2. Your digi LOs are just gorgeous and I really love the pics of the girls in it.. esp M.. she just look messily adorable.. 😀 and I do love the little write on it 🙂

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