Got a Trimmin’

We Love You

I hate not going places when on break because I feel like we’re wasting precious vacation time. I did have plans on going to different locations but our other car broke down. BUT, I think I’ll have my car back next week and hope to catch up. If not, we’ll still go but it’ll just take a bit longer to get there because for some reason there’s no bus stop in front of the two train stations I want to use.

I did get a hair trim today though. Actually it was a hair butchering session. Just imagine a year’s worth of hair on the floor. I had a hairdresser that I always went to in Missouri and after seeing her for years and years it was a bit nerve wreaking to try and find a new person. If I had M’s hair, I’d be less picky but my hair is thick and corse. It sucks to have my hair. I have to be selective in my styling because if it’s too short I’d look like a hamster and if it’s too long I’d look like the Wicked Witch of the West <– what I looked like before the trim. So after many months of procrastinating I just went to the local village hair lady. Although I think she might have gone to happy on the thinning part it’s not that bad for a first cut and I definitely look a lot better than when I woke up this morning.

I have a little project to share too. A card using Waltzingmouse’s sketch for this week. When I saw the sketch I immediately thought of my hearts Waltzingmouse stamps. I’ve had this stamp set for ages but I barely use them. So not only do the stamps fit the sketch, it also fit my goal of using old stamps more.

We Love You

Have a great one and enjoy your weekend!

6 thoughts on “Got a Trimmin’

  1. i love the checked background, with the dotty hearts. I would say, it a different from your usual style :).
    Such a sweet card 🙂
    I am picky about my hairdresser too.. I have been going to the same one for more than 13 years now… 🙂

  2. Super super cute card… love those hearts AND the sentiment too!

    And hey, same pinch (;-)); I just got back from a haircut session 🙂 And I tried some place new too… My brother-in-law’s wedding is next month and I wanted something really cool that would go great with traditional Indian outfits too.. Me thinks the guy did a great job with my hair 🙂 I have thinnish wavy hair and I almost always end up looking the same even after a cut…. this time I look different finally! 😉

  3. Super sweet card Savitri!!! lovely and fresh!! Got sidetracked by your early childhood learning tho!! fabby info – it’s been a huge ‘educational’ year for us – wish I’d had the wit to start early like you!!! Hugs!

  4. Your card is so lovely! Using the hearts for the sketch is a perfect idea. And did you stamp that plaid yourself? It is fab.

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