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Missing You

After the last post I thought I’d make this one light and short. Just to emphasize learning while playing, M’s in her uniform, sitting on the floor (it’s our pretend outdoors classroom) working on her math workbook while I post this. We’re playing school and just got done with French. Emma’s the kind who gets bored easily (takes after me) and so I can’t make activities long for her. Kind of odd since she could go to all day crops and be nice throughout the whole deal since she was three!! It’s probably because she doesn’t sit and craft all the time. There were always plenty for her to do. Jovie copied a few French words, “merci” being the best said, scattered buttons all over the floor (great for learning colors + shapes) and now “reading” a book quietly.

Anyhow, I have a little card based on Dawn’s Color Cue: Turquoise, Red, Kraft and Brown (with white as my neutralizer). I had fun making this and the card came together quickly. Right now I have a personal goal of using old stamps. Unless it’s for a DT gig you’ll be seeing lots of oldies but goodies. I love all my stamps but sometimes I just get too into the new things or just have time for DT stuff that I neglect the old lovelies.

Do check out what the other girls did!! They’re all lovely!

Have a great one!

10 thoughts on “A Lighter Post

  1. I like your goal of using ‘old’ stamps. I’ve been trying to dig and dig and use those too. I still like them, they’re just getting neglected. I’m trying to avoid buying too much new stuff, but that’s hard when you like it or have been looking for stuff like it for a while.

    Read your other posts too. You’re a great mom to your daughters! I think you hit a nerve with me with the stay at home versus working mom comment. I think it’s a hard decision to make for mothers and both have their advantages and disadvantages. It’s good that you are able to experience both sides. I’m a “daycare” kid (parents worked, until my dad got sick). I don’t know anything else, so it was interesting to read your observations since staying home with Jovie. Thanks for your input – even though I’m not a mom, I still wonder about those things! haha

  2. This is beautiful!! I love the clean design, and the bit of twine wrapped around the top!! And the stamping is gorgeous…I especially love the aqua ribbon tied around the bottom! The twine and the ribbon really compliment each other here!

  3. Hiya beautiful ladies:)
    I love your `Gorgeous` card,the colours are fab..WoW I have sooo much to catch up with!!!So loving all your creations photo`s and well that food looks delicious!!!!!!!!TFS.
    The girls are growing up way to fast”adorable” 🙂
    Hope your enjoying your Easter holidays..
    Have a lovely weekend:) xxx

  4. I always look forward to hearing your tidbits from life. You are such a wonderful mom!

    Love this card, especially the way you’ve paired the sentiments. {hugs}

  5. Their French lessons are making me want to get back to it and to introduce Aaryan to more words… but guess he has enough on his plate already – English, Hindi, and tidbits of few other Indian languages! 🙂

    Love this card…. especially the lighthouse! One day I am going to get myself a lighthouse stamp (from God knows where!) and make a whole set of card+stationery for my younger sister (she loves them)!

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