My First Crepe

Breakfast Crepe

It’s the first day of M’s Easter break and for once we’re not going anywhere. Tthere are still many places within an hour or so from us that we haven’t explored yet. We will drive to a few but other places we want to take the train. I even got a discount pass for that. We need to take advantage of the National Trust pass that we have and just know the area better.

To celebrate, I made a swanky brunch: Crepe. M had her first crepe when we went to France last time and although the dessert ones were good, her favorite were the meat crepes. She kind of ended up eating crepe for three or so days straight cause she loved it so much he he… While in France I got lucky and got to the birth place of Mauviel: Villedieu-les-PoΓͺles. It was a total accident! While looking for the vet’s office I saw these GORGEOUS pots and pans. Copper. And thought: Hmmm, name sounds familiar! When we got back to the cottage I Googled and sure enough, they’re great pots and pans brand. So when we went back to get the dogs’ paperwork taken care of to take them back to the UK I got a couple and one’s a crepe pan. You want to know how much I paid? 23 Euros or less than $35 when the retail US price is over $150!

It’s been weeks since we got back from France and wanted to try making crepe earlier but just intimidated. But after trying it, it’s not bad. Just make sure the batter isn’t thick – should be thick milk shake consistency more less. For somebody who’s used to cooking pancakes the runny-ness was a bit troubling but the crepe turned out great.

I pretty much followed the recipe above but added a teaspoon of sugar and vanilla. The inside of the crepe were two over easy eggs (just placed side-by-side… if we didn’t have this in France I wouldn’t have thought of doing this!), slices of cheese, bits of onions, and fresh spinach. I placed the cheese, onions and spinach first with eggs on top so that the cheese would melt and the rest cook a tad bit. The result: YUM!! A bit of France was here this morning!

I made a card too yesterday based on this week’s Waltzingmouse’s sketch. I used some leftover paper from a Pebbles project and a flower piece that I bought while market shopping last week. There’s a little craft/art shop in Bury St Edmunds. Very nice one although the scrapbook/card items can’t be compared to the shops in the US.

Happy Anniversary

Here’s M’s newest photo. So lucky to be able to spend many days with my two girls. I hope the US government settles their disputes and get a good budget going because I sure would like to take this little girl on the little adventures I promise her besides being able to pay our rent, utilities and groceries.


Before I go, here are some close-ups of the project and the crepe. Have a great weekend all!!

Happy Anniversary

Breakfast Crepe

8 thoughts on “My First Crepe

  1. The crepe looks great… πŸ™‚
    M looks deep in thought πŸ™‚
    hope the US govt resolves that soon..
    Your card is just lovely.. Love the bloom πŸ˜€

  2. Your crepe looks delicious!! We are ‘non egg eating’ vegetarians and many Indian cookbook authors have eggless crepe recipes too πŸ˜€ I love them!!

    Your card is soooo pretty too!!


  3. Looooooooove Crepes, but never had the meat kind.

    Two thumbs up with the presentation. I like how nicely everything is arranged on the plate…

    I so need to ask you to get me a few of those pans if you ever head that way ;o)

  4. That card is so super cute! It’s a-deer-able πŸ™‚

    Love the photo of M! She’s a lovely young lady. Can’t believe how much she’s grown since the last photo I saw of her, wow.

    And the crepe! Just one word: YUM. πŸ™‚

    So good to catch up with you, Savitri! HUGS!

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