Still “In Love”

Congratulations, Pebbles Mr & Mrs

Some of you were wondering if M’s still “in love”. So far yes and yesterday at the mother’s day luncheon I saw who this little guy was. I told M that yes he’s cute but he most likely has cooties, there’s a good possibility he stinks, and that he would chase her around the playground with a long dangly eeky worm. In the typical M fashion she rolled her eyes, smirked and said, “Oh mommy, he’s nice.”

For a split second Ramona Quimby came to mind. Didn’t she have a crush on some guy at about M’s age. Ahhh… children!!

I know I posted earlier but there are a few things I want to highlight from different manufacturers and didn’t want to just dump everything onto one post. For this one I want to share a Pebbles card that I did using the Mr & Mrs line. If you haven’t seen this in person let me tell you, it’s A LOT nicer in person than in photographs! I honestly thought it’d be dull to work with but was I wrong. Mr & Mrs is elegant and classy. It is easy to mix and match with other colors too, e.g. yellow. I really did have fun creating this card and really like how it turned out.

IF you like this line or want to see more, do visit Pebbles blog and see what the other DT did. Do comment too because there’s a giveaway for one lucky winner!

Now let me share some details pictures… LOVE the felt flowers. Oh my! It just gives the card the extra dimension. I love the stamp that came with this line too. This is ย just one of them.

Here’s an acrylic stamp tip: Before you use them grab a super soft sandpaper, or a craft sandpaper block like the one Stampin’ Up! has, and rub it gently on the stamp. Stamp with it a few times and your stamp results should be crispy clear.

Congratulations, Mr & Mrs Pebbles Inc

I did some sewing too. For some reason since I changed the spool last my machine has been working better. I haven’t gotten bunched up thread on the bottom of the card. I’m not sure what I did but sure happy about it!!

Congratulations, Mr & Mrs Pebbles Inc

Here’s another view from the top. LOVE the little rose!

Congratulations, Mr & Mrs Pebbles Inc

Alright, that’s it for now. Have a great one and more later!!

4 thoughts on “Still “In Love”

  1. Wowsers yowsers – stunning card! The greys with a pop of yellow are really gorgeous and I love that felt flower ๐Ÿ˜‰
    TFS, hugs, Ruth S

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