Potty Training

Time To Play

NOTE: No you’re not hallucinating. This is my third post today. OMG!!!

Wow, it’s been about a year since I took the photos above! A lot has changed and now and then I miss that house we built. What a baby Jovie was, almost one!!

She’ll be two in a couple of months and I’ve introduced this…


She didn’t want to sit on it though yesterday but went close enough to use the potty as a ball catcher (yes, I let her play with little balls).


Today she got braver and went in it. I promise you this was not what M and I have been showing her (no photos to share and never will). Big sis and I have been taking turns showing Jovie how nice and comfy it is to sit on the potty (actually both of us agreed that this potty is quite comfy. Comes with a cute book too… which I can’t find. I saw Prudence somewhere!!).


All the showing paid off and voila, Jovie sat down. Not for long but enough for day two of intro to potty training 101 {::SMILES}.


I know she has a few months still but I thought I’d at least get her use to the thing. I even put big girl diapers on (I found a few left from when M’s this age) so that Jovie can experience little girl-hood. I do need to order some cloth training pants. M wasn’t on cloth. The one Jovie had on were disposables. M did her first doo at 14 months and started going off and on at 18. She didn’t use it regularly until a bit before two.

Layout details:

I used Echo Park goodies for the digital page above: Sidewalk Paper Pack II, elements,Β and wordart. I had so much fun creating this and decided on going a bit scenic. I LOVE Echo Park’s paper and embellishments and it’s great that I get to work with their digital pieces at Jessica Sprague.

I also have the page below. Also using Echo Park’s yummies: For the Record Paper and Element Pack I. I’m not one for matchy matchy paper. I love baby papers and such but for my layouts I don’t want all pink and baby. This one fits my style better, it’s none traditional colors and embellishments for a newborn baby page.

Aaaah… felt like Jovie was just born yesterday!!

Jovie Born

Have a great one and more tomorrow!!

4 thoughts on “Potty Training

  1. LOL I posted three times today, too! LOL That’s too funny… Love reading potty stories… and love that POT! Baby J will get the hang of it… she’s a smartie. πŸ˜‰ STILL have to “force” my 3 yr old to go w/out accidents. He thinks he can hold it for days… that boy.

    Well your layouts are each a treat for the eyes. Especially #2. It’s boldness just made my heart skip a beat and my eyes widen… FAB job! πŸ™‚

  2. Yay… first steps.. πŸ™‚

    Love the both your LO..
    The first, is so full of live, sunny and happy
    the second.. wow.. love the totally different take, serious one part and very bold affirmation πŸ™‚

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