Spring Break!!

Love You

It’s been nice the last few days. Granted everybody but M has been fighting off a cold and the world is chaotic, I am on spring break. Yes I have a bit of grading to do and yes I need to make sure the next few weeks of assignments are wonderful and accessible, but I can relax a bit. The weather’s been wonderful too and Jovie cannot get enough of the ducks who lives just down the road. So almost everyday we’ve been walking to feed the ducks.

Speaking of chaos… Sometimes it’s hard to believe how peaceful our lives are in comparison to many. While I am here sipping a hot cup of tea and blogging about preserving (wonderful) memories and card making there are others who just lost their loved ones and homes or those fighting for their freedom. At times like this I sometimes feel guilty having what I have.

Anyhow… been scrapping Jovie a lot lately. M doesn’t mind but I wanted to do just a page of her last night so she knows she’s still very special. I showed this photo last year but I never got to scrapbooking it until now. I wanted to use this photograph because I found the most perfect digital kit for it: Be Mine by Echo Park which you can find at Jessica Sprague’s store. I have not seen the paper version of this line and when I saw the digital sets I got very inspired. Although I’d buy everything in this line if I ever see it, I loved creating with the digital products because I can resize the different pieces as needed. I can’t do that with the real deal. This is one of the many benefits of digital scrapbooking.

I love how this page turned out. I did three digital pages last night (it takes me 30 min. to do a digital page in comparison to hours for a paper page) and this was, still is, my favorite.

This digital kit reminded me of my promise to take Miss M to Paris. It’ll happen soon enough, just need to figure out exactly when. She’s been working hard with her French lessons and very very proud of her efforts!

À bientôt!

PS: None digital folks can easily recreate a layout like this using rub-ons, stamps, and different pieces of papers and embellishments. Even when I digiscrap I try to stay as close as possible to the look and feel of a paper and glue page.


Echo Park Be Mine Paper and Element Pack 12
Echo Park Spring Time Paper and Element Pack 1
Carina Gardner Essentials – Stitches 2

5 thoughts on “Spring Break!!

  1. Hiya Gorgeous Ladies!!!Well your LO is truly `Beautiful`…I love love it!!!
    Glad your all having fun …sounds a bit like our days like us there …the ducks are two minutes from us so I spend lots of time down there with the Grandchildren feeding them…
    With all the tragic going on lately..
    It does give us time to sit and reflect on how lucky and blessed we are,…

    Anyways I am soo sorry but I must be most deserving of the worst
    Blogger Award!!! I have been soooo on and off lately with the bloggy bit…
    But I always think of you and hope your all safe and well…….
    It`s always a pleasure to catch up..
    Have a beautiful weekend my `friend` 🙂 xxx

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