Lately I’ve been wondering about this: IF the word yes means no and the word no means yes would kids be more agreeable? Jovie’s full blown into the no stage. She knows the difference between yes and no but she prefers to say no than yes. I should probably do more videos of her. I have quite a bit of M’s at this age and M loves watching them. Kids (and pets) are just so darn cute and we all know, they’re only little once and for a very short while!

Here’s a little clip that I got yesterday… If you’re having a bad day I guarantee this little clip will make you smile at least!


Besides the clip, I have a page to share too. It’s a simple one using Scarlet Lime’s February kit. This page gives you all a break from all the crazy pages I’ve been sharing the last few times {::SMILES}.


Despite the fun of playing with different media and toolsI want to remember that scrapbooking is about the memory – the writing/photo on the page. Simple pages like this emphasize this first and most important purpose for me.

The girls are so great together. They even cry for each other when one’s hurt. It’s sweet although I highly recommend ear plugs at times.

I hope you all have a great day. It’s Friday and I am hoping to take M pants shopping… or trousers shopping. I was told by hubby and M that pants shopping is underwear shopping in the UK.


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