Holey Me

Really Danny?

M: Mommy, you need new socks.
Me: Why?
M: Look at your feet.
Me: (Looking down)

My Socks

Me: Oh, yeah… they’re ok, Emma.
M: But mommy, they’re holey.
Me: So?
M: It’s embarrassing!
Me: And who’s going to see? If I wear shoes, nobody’s going to know.
M: Me and Jovie’s going too see!!

I think my kid needs to just take a chill pill don’t you think? These are my favorite socks! Not only do I love the colors, they are so nice, warm and comfy. The picture above was taken just a few minutes ago and while I am typing, these socks are keeping me warm. Sometimes I wish socks have tags on them so that I can remember the brand!

On to more important stuff… I went craft shopping the other day and it was sooooooooooooooo nice!! The choices were slim pickin’ but there were a few October Afternoon and Jillibean Soup that I didn’t have. That same day I went to work and between the new goodies and Christy’s workshop at Scarlet Lime I was inspired to create the page above.

I thought, still do think, that the page was a bit on the grungy funky side while still keeping it pretty clean and colorful. Besides gluing, I did a bit of Mod Podging (old pattern paper), painting, dabbing, and splattering/spraying. The images were from our trip to France when Danny our GPS took us onto the smallest country road ever. When we were on the road shown on the first picture hubby said: “I hope there’s no car coming because this road can only fit one. There’s not even space to give way.”

I swear Danny likes to take us on a little adventure sometimes. For example the above road was right next to the main road. Ya know, the kind of road where two cars can pass comfortably. On a good note, this road took us straight to the market and we luckily got an awesome parking spot — free too. We got a ticket in a different city which I will not name because the ticket will probably sit on my desk forever — it’s not like we have French checkbooks and they don’t take credit cards!! The lot said free for four hours. We even wrote on a piece of paper when we got there because that’s what every car had, a blue disc with the arrival and departure time. But I guess we had to have the parking disc which you can purchase for cheap at a gas station or convenient store (the below’s the German version).

Parking Disc

Have a great one and more later!!

Really Danny?

8 thoughts on “Holey Me

  1. Ha! You are too funny! I can’t stand my toes to poke out that way, but it always seems to be my heels that go out first anyways. Your page is fabulous, I like your grungy, funky side!

  2. Cute layout – I love the funky green pompom trim!
    I love your socks too! I wouldn’t want to get rid of fun stripey socks like that either, even if they had holes all over them 😉 The kids will have to learn to live with the parental embarrassment, no?!!
    Hugs, Ruth S

  3. Such a gorgeous, funky LO. I love all the smudges on it ( I am still conservative to try smudges myself yet… maybe a little more now lol )
    I love all the small details that added fun, and all the little road signages.. esp The Road Less traveled 🙂

    Stockings.. is too hot here.. though I might need some for the cool of the night .. but non as bright as yours 🙂

  4. Nice LO!! Love the splotches 🙂 and your comfy socks! what do kids know?! 🙂 {well, just trying to take your side and not M’s :-p though in person, I might agree with her LOL}

  5. oh lookout! the fashion police is out to get you 😀 but let’s be honest, someone has to point out yer fashion faux pas, might as well be M, lol 🙂 I luv it, great scrap page, dunn see you doing that much misting, luv luv the funkiness of the page!

    C 🙂

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